Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Republican Convention DAY 2

Hit Refresh to get live updates while the convention airs.

Roll call of the states, Bush has 1,445 delegate votes, he is now the official nominee for President... OH BOY !!!

no named musical cover band ,doing the O'jays "September". I think for like 10 bucks they could have gotten the real O'jays but that’s me.

Republicans have no rhythm.

Chinese guy with big elephant ears cracks me up, he is macking on some chubby delegate, oh boy he is gonna get some.

Video presentation, Voice over from Laura Bush... George likes people, no he realy likes people.. He REALY likes people, just look at him liking them people over there.

Elizabeth Dole is the first speaker, she looks exhausted, guess Bobby been hitting that Viagra extra hard this week, (Hey, When In Rome)

G.W has brought respect to the White House, no blow jobs from Interns here, No stories about semen stained dresses and Cigars.

The GOP is rooted in grand tradition... yada... Regan reference, we beat the Ruskies.

George freed the women of Iraq and Afghanistan.

She breaks out into a Whitney Houston song;
We believe the children are our future, we believe..

Now the Marriage thing, you know Sacred, man, woman, sanctity..
Wait wasn't Brittney Spears married for like 20 minutes, and what about Michael Jackson.. where is the sanctity in that.

More God stuff, money, church, words...
Republicans feed the hungry, and help people who lost their beachfront homes in natural disasters.

She is coming across a little more right than last night a little more hard core, a little less rock and roll.

Up next Kentucky Congresswoman Anne Northup.

More family stuff, don't abort.. adopt.. even if its you're own cousin you are bedding down, you know cause that’s legal in Kentucky I think.

More Videos George likes not only people, he likes the children.
Something about an adoption tax break, woman cries, "My womb is barren."
they adopted a Guatemalan kid, I guess cause they didn't want one of them dark ones we have here in America.

Oh yeah.. Bush is breaking out the Puerto Ricans, Bourquia !!! Us spics are gonna rule this world soon you just watch.

John Quinones introduces George P. Bush.. HUH???
WHAT? Nephew of President Bush. I guess Jeb is slamming the Latin hotties in Florida.

Talks about the, "No Child left behind" law.
It works like this... Um.. well.. if you have a child, they won't be left behind.

A little Voodoo economics talk, trickle down, if the man has the money, then we all have the money. Homeboy learned economics 101, good for him.

He ends with some secret Spanish code talk. Loose translation, "Whitey is fucked, never mind learning the Koran, you fuckers better learn how to read El Diario.

Singer Dana Glover belts out God Bless America and her new hit "Rain". I don't know who she is, but someone must. Kind of reminds me of Sara Mclaughlin without the, I don't shave my armpits or muff vibe.

Erika Harold Miss American 2003, I don't care what she has to say, just smile and look stupid honey. I am going to watch Amazing Race, fuck her.

It's Christopher Reeves... No sorry It's Stephen McDonald. For the people that don't know, back in the 80's when NYC was going to shit and the Schwoogs had carte blanche to terrorize. Stephen was a rookie cop who was shot above the vest by a young black perp, paralyzed from the neck down he was an inspiration to New Yorkers, because it was him that helped us get rid of then Mayor David Dinkins and helped elect Rudy.

He gave New Yorkers the courage to say, hey, not all darkies are bad, but some of them are fucking criminals and its THEM that we have to go after.

NYPD started the Zero tolerance initiative, the broken window theory. They made the streets safer, New York a better place, I am sorry it took a tragedy, but his strength was amazing.

The man is talking about just being alive, he fucking rocks, I bow down to him.

Senator Sam Browback from Kansas, more sanctity talk, I am going to watch the beginning of Big Brother I have set up on TIVO

Musical guest - Jackie Velasquez, I told you we are fucking taking over this whole shit, salsa, salsa... I’m doing the shaking the bootie dance... sorry you are all missing it.

Is anyone watching Big Brother 5, doesn't Adria have the biggest ass for a white chick you have ever seen, speaking of bootie dances.

I don't speak Spanish I do not know what she is singing, but if I had to guess its something about love, 'amore' means love and she has been singing it throughout the song. It's either love or fucking like crazy, all hot and sweaty and shit.

I’m hot.. damn was that good, there is nothing like a good ass dance song to get your bootie moving.

Now, Senator Bill Frist, damn dude is going to ruin my buzz, I am going to have a cigarette and watch more Big Brother.

I hear his speech was all old people talk, Medicare, social security.

So Adria and Cowboy were put up on the block, Karen (everyone's favorite MILF) won the power of veto and chose not to use it.

Next speaker Elisabeth Hasselbeck... the Republican's are against breast cancer.

More cover band Motown tunes, they look more fitted for a wedding than here.

New Video, Laura Bush in da hood, the Republican's are pro reading.

Next speaker, Token, from South Park... No I kid, the US secretary of education Rod Page.

Betcha he is going to talk about Brown vs. The Board of Education.

HE DOES !!! I rock at this, "guess the speech game"

Cameraman from CSPAN is trying really hard to find all the black delegates.

New speaker, Lt. Governor Michael Steel from... where.... CSPAN doesn't tell me....
Ahh... there it is Maryland, I love Maryland, Crab Cakes, Fells Point, Homicide life on the streets.

His speech, America rocks, Republicans rock… GOOD NIGHT!!!

Next musical guest, Daize (That’s how CSPAN is spelling it) Shayne, holy shit… look at that nose, I don’t know what she is singing the nose is distracting me, that thing is huge.
I wonder when she blows her nose, if she makes them Felix Unger, honking noises.
You know in Manhattan her nose is a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo.

More music from the wedding cover band, I am just going to call them "The Terribles"



If you don't vote republican, "I will kick your girlie ass."
Crowd Roars..

I made a movie, "True Lies" or that's what they called the Democratic convention
crowd laughs.

Scrawny boy from Austria joke, "Beisbol been berry berry good to me"

Him and Tony Montana have something in common, they both learned english from watching old television shows.

"Say 'ello to my little friend.

Ahnold breaks out into a "You know you're a Republican... "

Here are some Arnold prank phone calls
Arnold Calls a Lodge
Arnold Calls a Real Estate Office
Arnold Calls Hooters.
Arnold Calls Chicago Pizza.

Listen to more Arnold makes prank phone calls - here -

Arnold finishes with a "4 more years" chant.

I liked the prank phone calls better than his speech... sorry.

Now the Bush Twins,
Our dad is great
no he is really great
he is super great
he is super great times infinity
he is super great times infinity plus one
we are not the trashy Hilton twins, you're not going to find us in some porn tape (not yet at least)
Our dad is cool
our dad is super cool
our dad is the coolest
I went to Yale, I am the smart one.
I went to TCU, I can do jello shots off of my bellybutton.
They had a hamster too, they just let the fucker die... Democrats have icky hamster cooties.

They conclude by introducing their dad, Via satelite... GEORGE W. BUSH....
Crowd Roars..

George appears, it looks like there is a softball game in the background, he is in Middletown Pennslyvania.
The pitcher on that team can't throw for shit, he or she... has thrown 4 balls in a row.

He thanks everyone... then introduces his wife, Laura Bush, our next speaker.

She kind of summarizes everyone else's speeches.
-One America
-No child left behind.
-Working women
-Working American's
-Military men and women rock.

She's done.

Harlem Boy's Choir sings.

Show is over, day two in the books.

Bottom line, less rah. rah. more issues.

Goodnight, and as always let me know what you think.


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  • New Swiftboats Vets Ad.

    "I renounce the symbols this country gives, I returned, I dont know 6-7 medals"
    - John Kerry.

    Watch the Swiftvets new ad.


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  • 1968?

    A march from the United Nations to Madison Square Garden ended in violence Monday after a protester attacked a plainclothes detective on a scooter, knocking him unconscious.
    I am missing where the constitution grants the right to assault? Is that in between freeing the slaves and prohibition?

    Read how a guy from the NY Daily News didn't bathe for a week to fit in with the anarchists.
    "We are not a bunch of kids causing vandalism, We're adults with families trying to end poverty."
    And if that doesn't work, then we break shit.
    Outside a hotel in Times Square, delegates to the Republican National Convention were swarmed by protesters dressed in black and swearing at them. Blocks away, delegates engaged in shoving matches with protesters seeking to spoil their night at the theater. And outside "The Lion King" on 42nd Street, a delegate was punched by a protester who ran by.
    I fucking hate cowards just as much as protesters, I guess one is the same.

    Read how the NY Times doesn't try to blame the delegates for all this violence.

    The country is watching this shit, moderate and indepedent voters who would side with the causes of the liberals could and should be swayed by the antics of the loony left and their cohorts.

    Update: Watch "when moonbats attack" courtesy of Outside The Perimeter. and the great people at Protestwarrior.com

    Update: Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Patricia Nuñez ordered Yusuke Banno, 21, held in lieu of $200,000 bond or $100,000 cash on charges of inciting a riot, resisting arrest and assaulting Police Officer John Park, 26

    A New York Judge got it right for a change.

    Read more at the NYPost


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  • Monday, August 30, 2004

    Republican Convention DAY 1

    Hit the refresh button for updates.

    MSNBC live outside of the Garden, (Always a bad thing)

    MSNBC - Chris Matthews asks a rather young looking delegate, "Why are you a Republican." His answer, "Because I'm smart."

    Jerry Glanvile on being at the Bush girls invitation only party, "I was the oldest guy there, but I had a great time."

    CNN - Ben Stein, "Kerry not a man of faith."

    Thank God all the channels are in a row.


    CNN - Bo Derek, she looks good, "Hollwood has a silent majority of Bush backers, that donate alot of money to the campagin." and "The speakers represent the whole Republican party."

    - Clip of the Kerry girls getting booed at the MTV video music awards.

    I don't know what channel CSPAN is on.


    Olivia something or another singing the nation anthem, I have to say the stage looks good, like a cross between a Metallica concert and A Jimmy Swaggert pulpit.

    MSNBC is still outside, can't hear Chris Matthews over the sirens.

    CSPAN - channel 65, whoo hoo..

    Song and dance of Broadway show tunes, during break. Bernard Kerick first speaker scheduled for 8:10

    Spoof of the Saturday Night Live opening.. complete with the "Live From New York" line.
    Dick Cheney

    Chairman Ed Gillespie speaks, roll call of the states.
    Hey the convention is in NYC why the fuck do we have such shitty seats.
    Its our fucking place.

    Fox News - Bill O'reilly asking Mary Matalin why the bitterness and divide between the dems and republicans, short answer, "I dunno."

    CNN - Giving us an 'upskirt' of one of the Bush twins.

    MSNBC - Still outside, crowd getting rowdy. Charles Cook, wondering why Kerry is stumping in states like Lousiana and Nevada, states that he can not win.

    MSNBC - Giving us a 'downblouse' of BOTH Bush twins.


    Commercials - NY Jets lobbying hard for a west side stadium, my feelings.. don't build it in Brooklyn and we are ok.

    Fox News - Does the protesters hurt Kerry, Congressman Weiner from NY nope, (what a dick)


    CSPAN - Vice President and wife take their seats to, "You're all I need" awww...
    Lots and lots of cowboy hats.

    Fox News - Pat Buchanan talking to Bill O'Reilly, sitting in the luxury suite, thats the closest he is getting to that stage this year. Didn't blame the war on Iraq on the fags though.

    CSPAN - Video of President Ford, he didn't fall down or get shot in any of the video montages.

    Opening musical act - Dexter Freebish. Lead singer wearing a Gilley's t-shirt, I love that place.

    Fox News - Erika Harold - Miss America 2003, lemme guess, world peace. and abstinence.... Damn I am good.

    Bush I and Barbara enters to ,"Jump" by Van Halen??? I don't get it.


    CSPAN - Ron Silver speaks, "3000 people murdered, we will never forget, we will never forgive we will never excuse" - crowd roars.

    Wait.. he is a democrat.. he was on West Wing.. but he is pissed...

    Total Rambo... WE DID NOT START THIS.. WE DID NOT DRAW FIRST BLOOD ! - crowd roars.

    "I am a liberal but force is necessary"

    YEAH !!! I wanna break stuff, fuck yeah.. crowd chants 4 more years... I toss the laptop across the room.. I am pumped.. YEAH!

    "On to Victory" - Crowd Roars.

    Heather Wilson, first woman in combat, from New Mexico. Talking about Jason Cunningham, I think he was Richie's brother on Happy Days, you know the one that just disappears after the second season.

    Video tribute to New York veterans, past and present.


    CNBC - Dennis Miller talking about internet porn, Tim Meadows in Harlem making fun of the natives.

    CNN - I'm Bob Dole, I use Viagra and fuck all night... I'm Bob Dole.


    CSPAN - Bernard Kerick, 9/11 sucked major ass, it wasn't a good day. Another Rambo reference, "We didn't ask for this war." Afghanistan, Iraq, we fucked them up, world safer.

    Bring back Ron Silver,

    Kerick still speaking, money for this, money for that, courage, leadership, Only one leader, pray's to God Bush has you're vote.

    Milwaukee fireman know about decisive decisions, you know cause they were all running into the towers being all.. hey go up.. up.. rescue.

    NYPD Seargents union endorsing Bush.

    Rob Khuzami, title to long, he is an attorney. Taking about the Patriot Act.
    Fuck them ACLU hippie freaks.

    Zainab Al-Suwaij - woman from Iraq, US gave us freedom, don't have to wear this stupid head gear.

    Jason Seahorn and Angie Harmon, presenting the award for Best Picture, and the nonimees are.. no.. wait.. the Medal Of Valor.. sorry my bad.


    Darrell Worley sings, "It's a beautiful life"
    More country music.. whoo hoo !!

    Fox News - Rudy... Rudy... Rudy.. Rudy..
    Fox news makes a funney, if Senator McCain tells John Kerry to dye his hair blond and shave his pubes.. he would.


    Senator John McCain, plaguerizing F.D.R.

    I was in Nam' Knee deep in rice patties and gooks, If it runs it's VC if it stands still it's well disciplined VC.

    September 11th sucked, we were attacked, not for what we did wrong, but for who we are. For one moment in time we were all Americans.. oh and Bush had a 89 percent approval rate.

    Got friends that are democrats... want's to say they are pussies... but doesn't

    War is an awful business, but who's buying - wait that Iron Maiden... Who the hell wrote this?
    Crowd - 4 more years.

    It was either war or a graver threat from Sadam don't believe our opponents or a disengenious film maker who would have us believe...crowd boooooooossss... that Sadam's Iraq was a place of peace, and not that of a mass murdering tyrant.

    Crowd is hopped up.... like a pre-teen on 'x' and the chemical brothers playing in the background.

    McCain wants us to know that love is better than hate, you know cause I didn't learn that in Kindergarden.

    McCain leaves. Crowd Claps.

    Denna Burnett, Husband died on UA flight 93... was she the, "Let's Roll" lady?
    I am not sure.

    More Chicks from 9/11... where is playboy magazine with this spread.
    Piolts fought, passengers fought, fireman fought all hero's

    Going to have a Cig, waiting for Rudy.

    Daniel Rodriguez, you remember him the opera singing police man, singing amazing grace.



    Crowd Roars..

    The bad guys heard from us... in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya... And as long as G.W is our president they will continue hearing from us.

    This is the most Republicans he has ever seen in New York, He feels at home.
    New York Is stronger than ever under Bush.

    Bush is a war time consigleri, a leader.

    YEAH.. Kerry is a pussy, A pussy.

    And he said the same thing I did after 9/11, "Thank God George Bush is our president"

    Either you are with us, or you're with the terrorist.
    Now a Rock chant from the WWE.
    "IT DOESN'T MATTER" - What Michael Moore thinks
    "IT DOESN'T MATTER" - What the fucked up Democrats think.
    Rudy is going to lay the smackdown.

    John Kerry has no vision, no leadership, Bush sticks with the tough decisions, Kerry Waffles. Kerry voted against the Persian Gulf war in 1990
    - Crowd boos -
    Rudy makes a funny - He must have heard you booing, cause he changed his mind.
    Kerry is running as an anti-war candidate, but can change his mind, he has 67 more days.
    Rudy makes another funny - Kerry voted for the 87 million dollars for the troops before he voted against it.
    - Crowd roars. -

    I fucking love Rudy!

    His story of when G.W met with the workers of 9/11 and one construction worker comments regarding how the terrorist should be delt with, and his grasp on the President, after George agrees with him.

    New York construction workers rock.

    Rudy end with a God Bless Everyone, except for the bad guys.

    Frank Sinatra video singing, "New York, New York"

    Its over.. day one in the books.

    Hey, if your reading this, drop me a note, let me know what you think.


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  • Putting the Numbers in perspective.

    So you live in Podunk, Population a few thousand to a little above a million, you turn on FOX News, hopefully, and see this throng of humanity walking around Manhattan.

    Are you impressed by the size of the crowd? Well you shouldn't be. Here are some numbers to chew on.

    There are approximately 9 million New Yorkers and a little over 100,000 attended this um… rally? Anarchist function? I don’t know what to call it, how about a bunch of sweaty moonbats hanging out in the need of a purpose and a shower..

    Consider this.

    1981 – 500,000 show up on the Great Lawn for a Simon and Garfunkel reunion concert.
    1986 – 1.2 million show up in lower Manhattan to celebrate the Mets World Series victory.
    1994 – 2 million go back to the Canyon of hero’s to party with the New York Rangers and their first Stanley cup since 1948
    1997 – 250,000 two step it with Garth Brooks in Central Park, considering that NY does not have a Country Music station that’s a nice crowd.
    1996-1998-1999-2000 1 million show up each year as the Yankees win…. The Yankees win… the World Series

    Ohh… can’t forget.

    1945- 5 million people line the Canyon of Hero’s to celebrate V-J day.

    150,000… fuck that… on any give day you can get at least a thousand New Yorkers to line up for some kind of useless activity.

    I am not impressed, and you shouldn’t be either.


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  • Kerry to Iran, "Nuke us baby, Nuke us.."

    A John F. Kerry administration would propose to Iran that the Islamic state be allowed to keep its nuclear power plants in exchange for giving up the right to retain the nuclear fuel that could be used for bomb-making.

    You know even though you got billions of ton's of oil, you hate Americans beyond reproach and you actually LIED about your nuclear capabilities its ok with Kerry to go ahead with building your nuclear reactors.
    He said that, if elected, Kerry would ensure that European allies were prepared to join the United States in levying heavy sanctions.
    Wait a damn minute, don't we already have heavy sanctions imposed against Iran, didn't President Bush declare Iran part of the Axis of evil?

    So after we HELP them build their nuclear reactors and a nuclear warhead, which they promise not to develop because heck… them Iranian's are a bunch of trustworthy people, ends up landing in Israel. What's Kerry going to do? Fire off an angry memo, have Edwards file a class action lawsuit.

    What kind of fucked up foreign policy is, "yeah, let our enemies have the weapons, hut here is the kicker... we KNOW that they have them… see... Its insane penguin logic."
    Iran has insisted that it be allowed to produce nuclear fuel, which would give it access to weapons-grade material.
    Yeah... they need all that nuclear fuel to light up their candles so their camels can see at night, then they can have an easier time facing Israel... no wait they mean Mecca... yeah.. Mecca...

    God help us all if this fuckwad gets elected.

    Read the Washington Post try to justify this shit.
    You might need to register, what the fuck is it with Liberals and giving your name and email address?


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  • Why Bush Must Be Re-elected

    I support the re-election of President George W. Bush. Why? Because I believe one issue overwhelms all others: the president’s strong commitment to fight the forces of international terrorism regardless of the cost or how long it takes to achieve victory.

    What New Yorker said that?
    Same guy that said this.

    In my opinion, the U.S. presidents who have been Israel’s greatest friends are, in order, the current President Bush, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. This November, we Americans in the Jewish community should remember our friends. We should thank President Bush for his courage in the war against terrorism and for his strong and consistent support for Israel and democracy.

    Ed Fucking Koch

    Hey Ed, "How I'm Doing?"

    Read the whole thing here.


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  • Kerry Girls Booed At MTV VMA Awards.

    I love Florida, they can't vote correctly worth a shit, but they amuse and sometimes impress me. I actually lived in Deerfield Beach for 6 months till I discovered I can not stand 100 percent humidity and big flying bugs. (And this was in November)

    Last night was the MTV Video Music awards, and the truth is I was flipping between that and the Olympics and apparently I didn't miss much of either.

    According to the Drudge report, the reception for the Kerry Daughters was less than warm and jeers could be heard from the crowd.

    That caught me by suprise, I know that Cubans are very republican but the makeup of the crowd looked white trash and beautifull black people, Kerry's bread and butter.

    I changed the channel after Hoobastank butchered their song and figured I don't need to see Usher or Jay-Z any more, and that whole Yacht thing was beyond pretentious.

    If anyone watched it can they tell me if they dragged out Gloria Estafan? Because shit can't go down in Miami without her getting involved.

    Read more from the Drudge Report.


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  • Where Is That Constitutional Amendement regarding the tossing of piss?

    Pissflinger gets tossed a beating by Jeff from Protein Wisdom.


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  • I Am Ashamed To Be A New Yorker Today.

    Read Here.

    And Here.

    Here too.

    More here.

    I need to move to Arizona, or maybe even Austin Texas.


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    Two men charged with plotting to blow up the Herald Square subway station were also planning a "holy war" rampage against seven other crucial targets around the city — including at least two other stations, three police precincts and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, officials said yesterday.
    While the fucking moonbats are running wild in NYC, this is what is going on in the background.
    Cops say they plotted to use backpack bombs to blow up the 34th Street-Herald Square subway station. It's just a block from Madison Square Garden, where the Republican National Convention kicks off tomorrow.
    But according to their families, they are good kids, well except for that killing Americans thing.
    His family said yesterday that Siraj was innocent of all charges.

    "It's all false," said his uncle. Saleem Noorali. "He likes America. We are not terrorists. He's a hard worker, a good man."
    Well damn if his uncle say's their innocent... goddammit I believe them.... NOT.
    The suspects appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Kiyo Matsumoto in Brooklyn federal court yesterday and were ordered held without bail. They face up to 20 years in jail and a $250,000 fine if convicted.

    Read this from the New York Post.


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  • Saturday, August 28, 2004

    Favorite Websites for Wallpaper and Ring Tones

    I leave you this saturday with this.

    2 websites that I have discovered

    - This site has about 9,000 diffrent wallpapers for your cellular phone, its compatable with most models.

    - This site has "Free" ringtones, yes they are all free, in MIDI format, the only downside is you can not preview them first and if you have a limitation on the kilobites you can download a month you can easly go over that amount.

    Have a good weekend.


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  • Friday, August 27, 2004

    Some People Never Learn.

    John Wayne Bobbitt Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges.

    Bobbitt, 37, punched his 14-year-old stepson and shoved his wife of 21/2 years during an argument at their Las Vegas home. Bobbitt was being held at the Clark County jail on $10,000 bail pending arraignment

    Ok, you piss off a chick to the point where she cuts off your schlong. You think he would have gotten all that sposual abuse out of his system.

    Read more here, where Fox News only says the word "penis" twice.


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  • 5 Great Songs to Bang Your Head to.

    Seether-"Fine Again"
    Metallica-"Fade to Black"


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  • Evidence of terrorism mounts in Russian probe

    Explosives found in one jet; officials investigate 2 women onboard.

    MOSCOW - One of two Russian airliners that crashed nearly simultaneously was brought down by a terrorist act, officials said Friday, after finding traces of explosives in the plane’s wreckage. An Islamic militant group claimed responsibility for the attack in a Web statement.

    I realy hope the ruskies open up a can of whoopass on these animals.

    Be one of the few people that actuall read MSNBC.com


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  • Canadian MP calls U.S. 'idiots'

    "We are not joining the coalition of the idiots. We are joining the coalition of the wise," - Canadian Member of Parliament Carolyn Parrish.
    I won't get off on a anti-canadian rant but she is a dumb ass who should be apologizing for the exportation of shitty Canadian musicians like Bryan Adams, The Crash Test Dummies and Corey Heart.

    Read Al-Jazerra..oppps fuck, I mean CNN, my bad.


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  • Fucking Morons.

    Four activists who hung a huge banner on the front of the swanky Plaza hotel yesterday in an early protest of the Republican National Convention face up to 25 years in prison because a cop was severely hurt during the quartet's roundup.
    Humm.. 25 years for being an asshole and putting the lives of emergency service providers in danger, sounds good to me.

    Seven-year veteran Sgt. Joseph Diaz, cut open his leg when he fell through askylight on the roof, and required 38 stitches when he was treated at Bellevue Hospital, according to police.
    If I was the police officer, I would have cut these fuckers ropes let them go 'spat' to the ground, smear them with elephant dung and called it art.

    Because of Diaz's injury, the four activists who hung the sign were charged with first-degree assault — which carries a maximum prison sentence of 25 years — as well as reckless endangerment, criminal trespass, conducting an unlawful street show, unlawful posting of an advertisement, and failing to obtain a license to hang a sign larger than 75 feet.
    You know what, you want to be a moron, do it on you're own fucking time, jump in front of a bus, slit your wrists have unprotected homosexual sex, but don't fuck with others to make your silly ass point.

    I will say this once, noone cares they look at you for the dick that you are, and do you know why this is bugging the shit out of me, one of these fuckers works for the City of New York.

    The group's spokesman, Evan Thies, 24, who is also communications director for city Councilman David Yassky said, "The last thing we wanted to have happen is anyone to get hurt."
    If he didn't want anyone to get hurt he should have stayed home, sucking on his bong like it's his boyfriend's dick and watched Oprah all afternoon.

    I hope these fuckers are made an example of, poster children for the malcontent maybe a nice 8x10 glossy of him getting ass raped at Rikers, with the tag line.
    "Activisim... its a pain in the ass"

    Read a story from the New York Post that doesn't include the words, "Headless Body"


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  • Thursday, August 26, 2004

    Swifties Commercials.

    I dont live in a "swing" state so I do not get to see many political ads.

    Here are 2 from the Swifties the first one is called "Any Questions" the second one "Sellout"

    Download "Any Questions" here -

    Download "Sellout" here -

    Both of these files are 8mb something to consider if you have dial up.


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  • For The Last Fucking Time... You Can Not Have The Park.

    Unite all tinfoil hat wearing moonbats, rejoice in you're second court loss in as many weeks.

    Like Shaq swatting away a Allen Iverson lay-up in the paint. You got served, a spaldeen facial planted right across your unkempt, unwashed bodies. So trip over your Birkenstocks and go find another place to disrupt, maybe Wyoming or Vermont because the park is closed for business.

    Ass monkeys you, your ilk your friends and your pets are not welcome in New York.

    Read the Seattle Times, while you enjoy your Starbucks coffee and Nirvana CD.


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  • What The Hell Is It with the Kennedy's and Abusing Women..

    Weasel looking William Kennedy Smith is up to his old tricks again. This piece of shit was acquitted in 1991 of sexually battery and assault, so instead of disappearing into obscurity and maybe attending an AA meeting or 2 he decided he likes raping women better.

    In the suit filed Wednesday in Cook County Circuit Court, 28-year-old Audra
    Soulias alleges that after a night of drinking in 1999, Smith, now 43, forced
    her out of a cab and into his home where he sexually assaulted her

    Yes, I know, Why did she wait all this time to report this incident to the police, well her fear of the Kennedy name had a lot to do with it.

    "She didn't report it to police because she was scared ...," her attorney, Kevin
    O'Reilly, told WLS-TV on Thursday. "This is a powerful man; this is a wealthy
    man, and he's got the ability to really scrutinize you in the public eye. This
    will go nowhere and ruin your life, and that's what she was afraid of at first."
    And apparently this is not the only one.

    Two other women filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity
    Commission in the fall of 2003 claiming "repeated sexual harassment" and
    "unwanted sexual advances" by Smith, according to the lawsuit.

    The whole Kennedy lineage is all fucked up, descendants of a bootlegger and the pride of Massachusetts, (The same state that roots for the Red Sox year after year). If its not dead chicks in the river its some poor woman being groped by one of the brood, the Kennedy’s think everyday is Spring Break.

    They are a disgrace to the Democratic Party, to bootleggers and to themselves.

    Read more from Yahoo.


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  • Howard Dean speaks at Moveon.org rally in New York.

    "If you dont shut the fuck up, I am going to go down there and kick your ass."


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  • Gal Fridman wins first gold ever for Israel


    He gets a little preachy near the end of the article, talking about his best friend who is a Muslim and who calles him, "My Jewish brother."

    It reminds me of that Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints commercial.
    "But he's my Jewish friend."


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  • Wednesday, August 25, 2004

    A Small Victory - On Hiatus

    Most of the people that read my blog probably read Michele's wonderful writing at asmallvictory.net As most of you must know by now Michelle is celebrating a birthday and taking a break from political blogging.

    I wish her all the best, all my love and I hope she returns soon.


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  • 527's and Fishing For New England Slack-Jaws

    George W – Throws line with bait into the murky Boston Back Bay.

    Kerry whines, "Stop the negative 527 ads" mostly from a group that we all know as the "Swift boat veterans for truth”

    Kerry pleads with our President, “please stop these ad’s, and do not condone these ad’s”


    Kerry’s backbone of his campaign was that he was a seasoned war veteran, the winner of 3 purple hearts and these ad’s, although proven true can damage Kerry’s campaign and leave him vulnerable.

    A nibble with a slight tug.

    Kerry’s response to these ads’s? Dispatching lawyers to scare TV stations into censoring Swiftie ads, pressuring bookstores to ban the Swiftie bible, "Unfit to Command," even appealing to the toothless Federal Election Commission to make his erstwhile comrades-in-arms shut up. But to no avail

    A bite around the edge of the bait.

    Finally Kerry demanded that Bush himself step in and silence the Swifties. It was a moment Bush had been waiting for.

    ZING…Fishermen love that sound..

    Our President hitched up his jeans, sauntered out to a press conference and allowed as to how he'd be glad to help his worthy opponent. But, just to be fair, he said, let's shut down the negative campaigning by all 527 groups. Goodbye, Swifties. So long, MoveOn. Just say the word, Sen. Kerry, and we'll take all the nasty dollars out of politics.

    Pull… pull… GRAB THE NET, it looks like a big one.

    Kerry hasn't said that word. He probably can't. His entire campaign finance structure is predicated on 527 money. For Bush, soft money is just a dab of Texas perfume; for Kerry, it's oxygen. If the senator cuts off his billionaire backers, he suffocates. If he sticks with Soros, et al., he's stuck with the Swifties, too.

    A good catch, one giant New England slack-jaw.

    This ladies and gentle men is politics 101, give a slack jaw enough line, it will eventually get caught and turned into a tuna sandwich.

    Read something in the NY Daily News that doesn't have to do with firemen gangbangs.


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  • Russian Terrorism

    "The wide distribution of large fragments indirectly confirms the conjecture
    that the plane broke up in midair because of an explosion,"

    Chechnya rebels, Al-Qaeda, does it matter? Evil is evil.

    One thought, these are the scumbags that the people on the left are rooting for in the name of some retarded ideology that preaches apathy.

    “We have to sympathize with the terrorists, we have to befriend the terrorists, we have to help them”, this is what the left preaches, well they preach throwing marbles at police horses and destruction of property too but we will save that for a later discussion.

    I would think that the rest of these pricks that distort the Koran would learn from the Palestines that terrorism doesn’t work, that is if you attack Spain, then it works perfectly.

    Israel’s stance of destruction of the terrorist groups from the top, kill the head, then the ass will soon die too. Has worked well for them, they took the terrorist battle and brought it into Palestine. A well-placed car bomb, a precision missile strike and destruction of terrorist’s homes has the leaders of Hamas all of a sudden going “Stop” please.

    Terrorism can only be defeated with brutal force that is the only thing terrorists understand.

    Protest marches and request to trample on Central Park will not stop terrorism; keep that in mind when you look at the people that are supporting John Kerry and his ambulance-chasing counterpart.

    I know I am preaching to the Choir here, but the thought of the United States going into apathy mode when it comes to dealing with these degenerates scares me, visions of Iranian hostages, long lines at the gas pump, triple digit inflation.

    John Kerry IS Jimmy Carter, a win for him would bring us right back to 1974, and that my friend scares me the most.

    Read about the Russian inquiry and investigation regarding the plane crashes.


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  • Tuesday, August 24, 2004

    Why Is There No Car Insurance Crisis?

    Is there something special about health insurance that makes it crisis-prone? I mean, we never hear about the horrible "house insurance crisis" or the "spiraling cost of auto insurance."

    It wouldn't be too hard to create such a crisis though. In fact, let's try to map one out.

    Just imagine if politicians resolved that, since automobiles are vital for getting people to work, companies ought to provide for the care and maintenance of its employees' vehicles.

    So political pressure is applied to employers-- maybe through the tax code, or perhaps legislation is passed outright; and, before long, auto insurance is restructured to cover not merely accidents, but routine maintenance and service. For a monthly premium and a $10 or $15 "co-pay,"

    your car insurance would cover the cost of an oil change, tune up, new tires, whatever it needed.

    Something odd would begin happening though. Mechanics would stop hearing the now pervasive, "How much will it cost?"

    Why? Because if all you had to do is plop down ten or fifteen bucks and your insurance paid the rest, why would you care what the mechanic charged? Heck, you'd start taking your car in for an oil change every 1000 miles instead of every 3000. Rather than getting your tires rotated, you'd just have new ones put on. And that rear electric window that won't lower, you'd not think twice about having fixed.

    The influx of customers seeking what would be virtually free service means, however, you'd have to wait days, even weeks, to see a mechanic.

    Costs would skyrocket. Since comparison shopping would be a thing of the past, auto service centers would have no pressure to lower prices.

    Moreover, they'd have to buy more equipment and hire more employees to accommodate the heavier workload, driving costs still higher.

    Insurance companies would have to raise premiums. Some people wouldn't be able afford it. So politicians would trot out new government programs -- Car-aid, Car-care-- to help the "disadvantaged." We'd see another deduction on our pay stubs. The numbers of "disadvantaged" would swell.

    Resultantly, auto shops would have to hire more clerks to manage all the red tape generated by the government programs and regulations, making costs even higher. Perhaps by then an oil change might run $200 and a brake job $1000.

    Before long, we'd hear speeches about our alleged "right" to affordable car insurance. Some would even propose putting everyone on the government dole with "universal" car care coverage.

    Now in the midst of all this, imagine that some "radical" suggests the

    following: that people would be able to afford car insurance and maintenance costs if only government would reverse everything it'd done to cause the mess in the first place.

    How would that likely be met? Probably with screams of "You don't care about the poor!" and "Do you expect people to pay for oil changes out of their own pockets? Have you seen how expensive they are?"

    See how easy it is to kick off a crisis? Just add a little government control in the "right" area, and the thing practically runs on cruise control.

    America doesn't have a health care crisis. It has government crisis. Or, put another way, it has a freedom crisis.

    Read this and more from Capitalism Magazine.


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  • Barrow, Alaska

    Slow news day, so here are some fun facts about Barrow, Alaska. The northern most city in America.

    Barrow, AK

    Population 2000: 4,581
    Latitude: 71.290N
    Longitude: -156.788W
    Time zone: Alaska Daylight Saving

    The northernmost community in the United States

    On the Arctic Ocean

    Named after Sir John Barrow, secretary of the British Admiralty

    Bowhead, gray, killer and beluga whales migrate near here each summer

    The U.S. Navy's Arctic Research Laboratory is located nearby

    The sun never sets for 82 days each summer and never rises for 67 days each winter

    Received national attention for 1935 plane crash which killed humorist Will Rogers and pilot Wiley Post.


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  • Monday, August 23, 2004

    Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

    An Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie (AFDB) is a type of headwear that can shield your brain from most electromagnetic psychotronic mind control carriers. AFDBs are inexpensive and can be constructed by anyone with at least the dexterity of a chimp.

    This cheap and unobtrusive form of mind control protection offers real
    security to the masses. Not only do they protect against incoming signals, but
    they also block most forms of brain scanning and mind reading, keeping the
    secrets in your head truly secret. AFDBs are safe and operate

    Read here to help the moonbats, order NOW PEOPLE !!! BE DIALING !!! Limited Supply, and they might even throw in a Jose Canseco rookie card.. BE DIALING !!!


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  • Alice Cooper Speaks.

    "If you're listening to a rock star in order to get your information on who to vote for, you're a bigger moron than they are. " - Alice Cooper

    Does Public Enemy Count? I always loved "911 is a joke" And you have to listen to a man with a big gigantic clock around his neck.

    Read more, from a Canadian paper that didn't put one Hockey reference into the story.


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  • Big Fucking Babies.

    United for Peace and Justice, a coalition organizing Sunday's march, has
    sued the city for a permit to rally in Central Park. "We have a front-and-center
    battle over the right to protest," says Bill Dobbs, a spokesman for group. "How
    much freedom do we have to give up in the name of fear?"

    We're not going to have a rally if we don't have a permit for Central
    ," coalition head Leslie Cagan says."

    Boo Fucking Hoo..

    Read Outlandish Moonbats rants here.


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  • Fuck, Marry, Kill - Results Week 1

    Its official.

    Noone gives a shit.

    Drew Barrymore
    2 fuck votes
    1 marry vote
    2 kill votes

    Alicia Silverstone
    2 fuck votes
    2 marry votes
    1 kill vote

    Heather Graham
    1 fuck vote
    2 marry votes
    2 kill votes

    Thanks for playing, maybe next week we can get a bigger response.


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  • Hippies Suck.

    A number of extremists with ties to the 1970s radical Weather Underground
    have recently been released from prison and are in New York preparing to wreak
    havoc during the Republican National Convention.

    No wonder these fuckers from A.N.S.W.E.R wanted to have their protest in Central Park, Most of these old relics of a time gone by are going to be on the benches feeding the pigeons.

    "No bread.. No Peace"

    The NYPD is also tracking five extremist groups, according to a manual obtained
    by The Post titled "Executive Resource Handbook on Radical Groups."

    Among the groups mentioned are the Earth Liberation Front, Refuse &
    Resist, and International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism).

    These Scumbags just don't get it. Maybe a well placed billyclub in the scrotum will get them thinking straight again.

    Read about the unkempt hippie freaks here.


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  • I Have Found Heaven...

    And its name is Hershey, Pennsylvania.

    I decided to take a break and travel with the loved ones to Hershey Park. As I am a spoiled princess we would either stay at the Marriott or Hilton, I have long ago given up Econolodge's and Red Roof Inn's, because.. Well I'm spoiled.

    So we decided on packing up the SUV and plant ourselves at the Harrisburg Hilton, which is about 20 miles outside of Hershey Park, for the next 3 days.

    My first thoughts of Harrisburg, which for the people that were not good at naming the state capitals in grammar school, Is in fact the state capital of Pennsylvania. My first thoughts were, damn this town is small. The entire city is about 12 blocks long and 12 blocks wide. Nothing impressive, some Government building, some worker bee buildings an arts center which was showing NASCAR in IMAX (more on that later) and the rest of the town is assorted shops and sundries.

    After our arrival we decided to take a walk and explore Harrisburg, It shouldn't take long the whole town is about the size of Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn. Consulting a map we decided to make our way towards the "riverfront" I put riverfront is quotes because to my surprise its a riverfront. When I think riverfront I think an esplanade with shops and restaurants, not a "well the town ends here... by the river."

    We have come to the conclusion that there is no food to be had at the riverfront, so we make our way toward the main strip to find a place to eat, after allot of hemming and hawing the family decides on "The Gingerbread Man." this place is a kind of half sports bar half college crowd hangout but they had cheap burgers and I could have a cocktail.

    The 3 words I thought I would never hear again...

    "Smoking or Non-smoking." Ever since our wonderful New York politicians decided that smoking is bad for me and the people around me and the people around them. I have been cast aside to the great outdoors when I want a smoke.

    In my eyes smoking and drinking go together, and I drink allot (mostly to forget) so to now make me get up off my ass and go outside has put somewhat of a damper on my going out activities. I would say instead of going out 2 times a week, I now go out about once a month and it’s all because I can't smoke.

    Smoking indoors, go figure. You don't know how much I miss smoking and drinking and sitting with other smokers who are also enjoying smoking and drinking.

    Have you ever noticed the smoking section of a restaurant is always a little more boisterous than the rest of the place; smokers seem to always have more fun. Maybe because we all know that our lives are being cut short with every smooth flavorful drag of our tobacco product.

    Well burgers, beer, cigs and a $30.00 dollar bill capped off a nice relaxing dinner, now to get some sleep to enjoy Hershey Park.

    We arrive at Hershey at 10 am on Saturday, just around opening time and the weather looks rather threatening. All I want to do is to ride the 6 stupid roller coasters and grab a 5 pound bag of chocolate, and be left to my own devices.

    Just as we are about to queue up for the first ride, rain, not allot just a drip. drip.. Well it was enough to shut the roller coaster down.

    The more we walked the more it rained; it was like Forrest Gump in Nam'. Little itty-bitty rain, big ole fat rain, hard stinging rain.

    I refused to give up, I told my family I am going to seek the adrenalin rush of a loop-de-loop even if it means flipping over the car on route 83.

    It was now 2'oclock and I have a rather moist family to contend with, a family that was not sharing the same adventure seeking adrenalin rush I was.

    After some begging and pleading and threats to withhold sex, I decided that maybe we should go, but not before I get my money back.

    We made our way to Guest Services, and pleaded our case; I think one look at the wet drippy mess that was my family made the lady behind the counter feel sorry for us. She gave us passes for the whole family to return next year and that worked for me.

    What to do in the rain...

    Take the family to see NASCAR in IMAX-3D. The man in charge of the IMAX was totally OCD'ed out. Don't touch the blue ribbon; don't take the 3-D glasses until we enter the theater. For every one of us that didn't follow his instructions you know he was banging the side of his head, counting to three and making certain that the blue ropes matched up perfectly with the blue dots on the carpet.

    Know why I love my family, because we can all make fun of the mentally handicapped without getting caught in this P.C. bullshit, because what ever happened to, “He is just fucking crazy” we have to give a name to everything nowadays, but you can’t just be crazy anymore.

    So the family had fun at the IMAX, we ate more, I drank and smoked more, I chalk this up to a successful outing, because even though it rained for 3 days straight, I was able to smoke indoors and that’s all that really matters.


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  • Thursday, August 19, 2004

    Fuck - Marry - Kill - Week 1

    I am leaving at 7:30 am with the family to spend a long weekend in Lancaster County, PA. Going to visit the Amish and Hershey Park.

    So I leave you this weekend with this, a new game. It's called "Fuck-Marry-Kill." we will play it every weekend and tally the results on Monday, and then in the end we will have a show down. The celebrity with the most votes in a specific category will be declared, "Fuckable" "The Marrying type" and "Stick em’ in a dumpster."

    Saturday will be dedicated to the Female Celebrities Sunday to the Male.
    Since I will not be around this weekend we will do both male and female today.

    Alicia Silverstone.

    Drew Barrymore

    Heather Graham.

    Which one would you like to Fuck, which one would you like to marry and which one would you like to kill.

    Now The Men.

    Keanu Reeves

    Brad Pitt

    David Schwimmer

    Again, which one would you like to Fuck, which one would you like to marry and which one would you like to kill.


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  • Shoe Bomber, "I wan't my Time magazine and a hot bath"

    Click on Mr. Prissy Pants for full story.

    My first question would be, How did this googly eyed cock sucker ever get on a plane so soon after 9/11? This fucking guy couldn't look more like a shoe bomber if he had "Shoebomber" written in black magic marker on his forehead.

    Currently he resides in the federal "Supermax" facility in Colorado and he is not happy with the accommodations.

    In a handwritten lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Denver last week, Reid wrote he has been kept in isolation.

    I have never been to the big house, but It would be my understanding, that's what you do when your in prison, am I wrong?

    Along with not being able to play with Ted Kaczynski, Timothy McVeigh and Ramzi Yousef, all of which are guests of the state at Supermax. He has other "demands" which he filed in his affidavit.
    -Access to religious materials
    -Television and Radio
    -Phone calls to family members
    -Subscription to Time Magazine
    -Daily Showers.
    -Uncensored mail

    And just incase you thought his balls were not big enough.
    -A cell with a window that lets him see outside.

    Look, I know that this is a joke and unless it gets to a sitting judge on the 9th U.S circuit court of appeals. It will probably be tossed to the wayside, but it still disturbs me never the less that 1- This prick is still allowed to breath and 2- They haven't broken his hands so he couldn't write any more stupid letters requesting his frequent flyer miles and an overnight stay at the Hilton.

    This fucker wanted to meet his maker, and I believe we should have granted him his wish.

    Update: Thank's to SenatorPhilABuster (Mr. know it all, as I like to call him) for pointing out to me that Timothy McVeigh is dead, so Mr. Comfort Zone will not be able to play his reindeer games with McVeigh. Who the hell is fact checking this shit at Foxnews.com?


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  • Things You Will NEVER hear A Liberal Say

    "I'm sorry, I believe you have sent me this Goverment subsidy check in error"

    "I wanted an enviromently friendly Hummer2"

    "Maybe the liberation of fourty million Iraqi's was a good thing"

    "Poor Israelies"

    "They are not militia men, they are terrorists."

    "Did you see that story on Fox News"

    "Ever notice that Ted Rall might be full of shit"

    "Instead of mid-night basketball, how about direct parental intervention"

    "Racial Profiling might actually thwart terrorisim."

    "Honey, instead of the 2 million dollar townhouse, lets move back to the hood"

    "That nice young black kid, whom I am teaching how to read, is dating my daughter.

    "I have a great job, a loving family I live in a great city, maybe Bush isn't so bad after all"


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  • Does God Do Low Interest Mortgage Loans Too?

    Song Stuck In My Head - "Take me as I am" - Seven Wiser.

    FARMINGTON — A man who called himself Ray Montano and held a Bible, had told Webb Chevrolet Toyota Finance Officer Bob Bish that Jesus Christ would finance a new car for him.

    After employees refused to give Montano keys to a new car on the showroom floor...

    What did he do?

    “He said ‘If you don’t give me the keys to the car I’m going to drive it (the pickup) through the showroom window,’” Bishsaid. “He did. Fortunately he did not have a gun with him.”

    YES!!!!! Now that is a great morning wake up story. I love nothing better than to sit at my desk fire up the puter and read about how a nutjob drove his car through a window. All in the name of Jesus of course.

    Wait, it gets better..

    Farmington Police were checking to find the owner of the pickup truck. They believed Montano had borrowed it from a friend or relative

    Not only did he drive a car through a showroom window, It wasn't even his. I mean why total your car when you can borrow you're cousin's.

    I love crazy people.


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  • Wednesday, August 18, 2004

    A Torso Cannot Fly On It's Own.

    ... Is what Air France told a limbless woman.

    A wheelchair-bound woman with no limbs sued Air France for discrimination
    on Friday, alleging she was kept off a flight by a gate agent who told her a
    "torso cannot possibly fly on its own."

    Adele Price, 42, a British citizen, sued the airline in Manhattan federal court seeking unspecified damages.

    Price, who was born without limbs because her mother took the drug thalidomide during pregnancy, said in the suit she is able to manipulate a wheelchair and has
    traveled by air many times.

    The suit states that she had bought a ticket in 2000 for travel between Manchester, England and New York. After Price had checked her luggage, she alleged that she was stopped by an Air France agent who told her that "a head, one bottom and a torso cannot possibly fly on its own."

    Price said in the suit that Air France let her take another flight to New York but only
    after she was able to get a companion to go with her. However, Price said she
    had to pay for the companion's airfare and lodging.

    She said the airline also made it difficult for her to return from John F. Kennedy airport to Britain by requiring her to get opinions from four U.S. doctors certifying she was able to fly alone.

    A spokeswoman for Air France had no immediate comment

    I hate the French, hate their whole stinking, unbathed, unshaven, always on strike pathetic excuse for a country.

    But on a lighter note, was I the only one to read "thalidomide" and then started to sing "We didn't start the fire" by Billy Joel.


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  • Tuesday, August 17, 2004

    Damn You NBC, Damn You To Hell....

    For keeping me up for the last 36 hours with you’re around the clock Olympic coverage.

    For the last 2 days I have been fascinated with the games more tertiary sports. I’m talking Fencing, Badminton, Water Polo and Table Tennis. All of which the Chinese are quite a dominate force.

    So I took a moment to Google, “Chinese superiority in tertiary sports” and I found this.

    HONG KONG - Hong Kong police arrested 115 men for illegally gambling on insect
    fights on Sunday in the same building that housed a cricket lovers' association,
    a police spokesman said.

    Police seized about 300 crickets and $1,025 in
    cash during the bust, said police spokesman T.K. Ng. The alleged bug gamblers
    remained in custody Sunday, but weren't immediately charged, Ng said. Illegal
    gambling carries a maximum penalty of $1,280 and three months' imprisonment
    Just as I type this a co-worker reading over my shoulder comments that, “Damn chinks will bet on anything."

    So I’m fascinated on many fronts, is this a predominate sport in China and can I find a bookie to lay off some of my action.

    To my surprise Cricket fighting is to the Chinese as Steroid abuse is to Barry Bonds. (Very prevalent, for the slow people in the group. )

    After feeding them on cooked rice, flies and mosquitoes for several weeks, the
    crickets are ready to fight.

    The foreigner may find it difficult to imagine
    a heated contest between two rival crickets and the people who are watching the
    contest. It is reminiscent of the cruel scenes of bullfighting.

    The cricket owners sit poised with a blade of grass resting on their fighting crickets, both surveying the scene with trepidation. The onlookers repeatedly cheer at decisive moments throughout the contest.
    "It's just like a soccer match,"
    "Those watching closely will find great fun, while others who do not like it may view the contest with disdain."

    Cricket-fighting was actually a popular source of entertainment in ancient
    times. According to the historical records, during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
    there were even cricket-fighting contests organized by the government every
    year, in which expert cricket raisers gathered and competed with their small

    In Shanghai and Tianjin, there are several cricket clubs
    currently operating. In the past, cricket-fighting was actually a way of
    communication and promoting friendship in the neighborhood.

    Early in autumn, young men or teenagers would gather in a narrow lane, or at the gate of some house or courtyard, and would either exchange experiences of raising crickets or partake in a cricket-fight.

    The one who owns a repeatedly victorious cricket will become famous in his community and even receives a nickname after the cricket, such as "yellow-head," "red-chest" or "short-wing.

    And there is even cheating in this time-honored sport.

    Because winning is a matter of money, in the past 10 years several methods of
    cheating have emerged such as applying a special smell to the head of a fighting
    cricket in order to drive away the other, as well as feeding the crickets
    I know what your saying to yourself, damn I wish I could watch a cricket fight video. Well ask and ye shall receive. It has better lighting than the Paris Hilton video, but you don’t have to deal with the annoying voice of Pamela Anderson, so it’s somewhat of a trade off.

    Watch Cricket fighting here.


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  • Concrete barriers… I hate concrete barriers…

    Ever since my company moved to a new location, one that is apparently high on the terrorist hit list. (Fucking scumbags) I have grown accustomed to the armed Hercules guards standing near the main entrance just waiting for that unsuspecting tourist to make a sudden move for his fanny pack.

    Walking to work this morning I was met with these rather large concrete barriers that now block the staircases and are placed at such an angle that it resembles a satanic obstacle course.

    But I wonder, why this building? It’s very non descript, the same cookie cutter architecture of the 70’s, makes it look like every single office building that you would find in virtually every office park in America.

    The building’s tenants are very boring too, some banking back offices some law firms no Israeli Consulate offices, no high-powered Government offices. The lower concourse doesn’t even have good shops; just some fast food places a newsstand and a nail salon.

    Does our terrorist scumbag friends have something against French manicures and Subway sandwiches?

    Maybe It’s the building’s name, it has one of them cutesy names that drives messengers up the wall because they are looking for a physical address like 55 water street, and I would bet dollars to donuts that most people don’t even know the number address to this building, even I get mail addressed to the “cutesy name” as apposed to the numerical address.

    I don’t know the answers; I just want them to leave my building and my city alone. Fucking scumbags.


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  • Hee.. Hee Hee...

    Song stuck in my head today - Medicate by FLAW.

    Rock-throwing kids anger 120,000 bees.

    LOS ANGELES, California -- Kids throwing rocks stirred up more trouble than
    they bargained for when they dislodged a swarm of bees from an enormous hive
    built in the wall of a Southern California apartment building, authorities said
    on Friday.

    An estimated 120,000 bees held residents of the apartment building
    and nearby homes hostage in Santa Ana, California after the children pelted
    their 500 pound hive with rocks on Thursday, Santa Ana Fire Captain
    Steve Horner said.

    Several people, including firefighters, news reporters and
    a TV cameraman, reported being stung and at least two people were taken to a
    hospital with multiple stings, Horner said.

    That will learn em' to throw rocks. Kids will be kids, but this is damn funny.
    The quarter-ton honeycomb, which may have accumulated inside the apartment wall for years, was so big it was threatening the structural integrity of the two-story building, Horner said.
    No WAIT !!! that's a load bearing bee hive. Where is Winnie the Pooh when you need him.


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  • Monday, August 16, 2004

    FBI track potential troublemakers at Republican convention

    Federal agents and New York City police are keeping tabs on radical activists and others they believe might try to cause trouble at the Republican National Convention.

    The police and federal agents are making unannounced visits to people's homes, conducting interviews and monitoring Web sites and meetings.

    The law enforcement effort has been overshadowed by far-reaching counter-terrorism measures planned for the convention. Officials won't discuss it, other than to insist that investigators always act within the boundaries of the law.

    A spokeswoman for the Secret Service says they expect to respond to an increase in possible domestic threats against President Bush and other dignitaries as the convention at Madison Square Garden nears. The Secret Service is also playing a lead role in planning convention security.

    But law enforcement sources say that in recent weeks, federal agents have begun interviewing people in the New York City area they believe might know about plots to cause mayhem at the convention.

    The intelligence unit of the New York Police Department has been closely monitoring Web sites run by self-described anarchists. It also has sought to infiltrate protest groups with young, scruffy-looking officers posing as activists.
    Screwing around with the local law enforcement is one thing, but if the FBI gets involved in your shenagans be prepared to get one in the dumper with not even as much as a kiss.

    To the Klintoonista Riders on the Short Bus of Life™- Thanks to Nicedoggie.net for that one.

    Maybe it might be in your best interest to move your protesting to.. um.. Vermont.


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  • Sore Fucking Losers.

    I hate sore losers.

    Everyone from NBC to Visa has been kissing this Michael Phelps kid's ass but the truth he is a 19-year-old kid, give me a break. Can he swim fast, It looks that way, but for a major network to act like they didn't even get a hand job at the Senior prom after spending all that money on a Limo and a tux, is disturbing.

    Now I am rah.. rah.. rah.. U.S.A, but watching the men's swim team come in third was rather disappointing. I am not disappointed that they came in third, hey a medal is a medal, I'm disappointed that these guys were so busy rubbing each other's genitals they forgot to congratulate the winners.

    And I don't need to hear how sorry everyone is that this kid cannot win 8 gold medals, how it’s devastating to the morale of the swim team to come in third and I don't need another Mark Spitz reference.

    And one last thing, if NBC is going to show the medal ceremony when it's not the American's on top of the podium, lets hear the whole anthem, have some respect for other countries just like you would want them to respect ours.


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  • Sunday, August 15, 2004

    So What If You Held an Olympics... And No One Showed Up?

    Netherlands' Rebekka Kadijk signals to her team mate just how many people have shown up to watch the beach volleyball match against Czech Republic.

    I have a question, DID anyone check to see if the Greeks take the whole month of August off, before they decided to hold the games there?


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  • Punta Gorda, Florida

    For thoes expecting something witty, it ain't gonna happen. Between watching the 24 hour olympic coverage on the NBC's (NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, BRAVO) I occasionally switch to Fox News and all I have to say is, "Mother Nature Kicks Ass."

    Looking at the massive destruction I am at awe at the power that she yeilds. I wish all of the people of Punta Gorda well, to be safe and you got the Bush connection thing going on. Didn't FEMA show up like 5 minutes after it stopped raining?

    It's Sunday, going to watch more Beach volleyball, I love me some Beach Volleyball.


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  • Saturday, August 14, 2004

    Let The Games Begin...

    Wow, who knew the Greeks were more than ass sex, diner food and hot coffee. I spent the evening watching the Olympic opening ceremonies and I have to say I was impressed.

    Unlike the dancing pick-up trucks of the Atlanta games, the Greeks went all the way back to B.C. to set up the theme for this year's games. A little history, the ancient Olympic Greek games celebrating the Greek God Zeus were held for more than one thousand years from 776 B.C. till 393 A.D where is was outlawed by The Roman Emperor Theodosius I because he believed the games were a pagan festival.

    Before I begin with the highlights, I just want to give a big F.U to the media outlets who felt it necessary to write "etiquette" pieces for our American athletes because of a predetermined notion that our nation would be booed. Now that was farthest from the truth, was our welcome rousing? Sure was, this was never about politics but about the hard work of all the athletes. To listen to the cheers for the athletes of Iraq and Afghanistan made me believe for a moment, maybe the rest of the civilized world "gets" what we did.

    Some highlights:
    - I didn't get the pregnant lady with the E.T. belly, I had the volume low because Katie Kouric makes me want to punch the television.

    - Argentina has the most beautiful people I have ever seen, not one ugly person in the bunch.

    - I don't need an explanation of the Greek alphabet and to be told that's why Zambia marched before the U.S.A.

    - Everyone from Ethiopia looked hungry, but they can run like they stole some shit from k-mart.

    - What was with the French waving the Greek flags? Did they surrender during the commercial break?

    - The Spain contingent was the biggest sausage fest out of all the countries, not a chick to be found.

    - In start contrast the Italian team was mostly all women, should we spell out who is going to be hooking up at these games.

    - Cameroon rocks, not the country... I just like saying Cameroon.

    - Iraq and Afghanistan, nice to see all the smiling athletes, and they are smiling because they know that if they lose they will not be killed.

    - Canada, they all looked drunk I guess Greek beer is way more potent than Molson's

    - Puerto Rico, when did baby making become an Olympic event? * relax I am Puerto Rican, I can make fun *

    - You know NBC would not get through the Olympics without mentioning Astoria at least once.

    - The commercials for the movie "The Forgotten" look stupid, so I will pass.

    - Can you say Morocco, without saying Casablanca right after it?

    - Did everyone see the fat guy from Palestine? What freaking sport is he competing in.

    And Finally...

    Good luck to everyone, the Olympic games are about the athletes, sportsmanship and good will. And we shouldn't forget that.


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  • Friday, August 13, 2004

    Hurricane Hit Florida... Left Questions Hurricane's Timing.

    WOW.. there was a big rant here, but when I updated my blog it went poof.

    So the highlights for those who missed it.
    - Hurricane go crash
    - Jeb want's the bling bling
    - roof goes flying

    Sorry to anyone who missed my rant.


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  • My Life As A Volunteer For The RNC.

    Before I begin I want to thank Patton from Opinion8 for adding me to his blogroll, that makes 2 for the people keeping track at home.

    Update: I also want to thank John at TexasBestGrok for not only including me on his blogroll but pointing out to his readers that I have somewhat of a potty mouth.
    ps. John and others, if you would like to include me in your blogroll please do, but drop me a note so I can return the favor.

    Update: And a big thanks to Michelle at Asmallvictory for adding me to her blogroll, reading her wonderfull musings for the last few months was my inspiration for starting this blog in the first place.

    I woke up this morning to "Got It Made" by Seether and now I can't get this song out of my fucking head.

    Cablevision sucks ass, 3 of my favorite shows, "The Shield", "Nip and Tuck" and "Rescue me" are on the FX network, but do I get the FX network... Noooooo. What do I get, 8 HBO's that show either "The Karate Kid" or "The Substitute" a bunch of shopping channels and thousands of Spanish language stations. Look, I love, "Sabado' Gigante" just as much as the next person but come on throw me a fucking bone... I WANT MY FX.

    Last night I spent the evening at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, in New York. Going through my "training" sessions as a volunteer for the Republican National Convention, which as everyone knows takes place in, "The Worlds Most Famous Arena", Madison Square Garden.

    I assumed we were going to be given job assignments and I was rather disappointed to find out that being in charge of the , "High Pressure Water Hose," and "German Shepard Attack Dogs" were not on the list. Job assignments are not final, but there is a good chance I will be doing the airport meet and greet thing. I will keep you posted and if anyone who reads this is a delegate pop me an email.

    I have to give the people that ran this volunteer recruiting effort thing a lot of credit. I think they are a close second to the German's in record keeping, they were totally organized on the ball and on top of things considering there were 17 thousand applicants. Not only did they have to assign us various tasks they also have to weed out the trouble makers. As I scope around the room it looks to me they did a good job, the place is filled up with Wall Streeters in suits, soccer moms and a hand full of college students.

    As part of our training we, get this, were taught how to be nice. Yes, I shit you not, we took lessons on how to smile and make eye contact and how to not invade someone's personal space and to ask polite questions. Apparently people in the rest of America have this predetermined notion that New Yorker's are rude and crass. Fuck that shit we are the most friendliest mother fuckers you will ever find and don't you forget that you jerk offs.

    I am actually looking forward to putting on my "smiley" face and showing some of the Republican delegates that New York isn't all jag-off activists and crack whores.

    Update: And then there was 3... As I commented on last week celebrity deaths happen in three's so I give to you, number 3 .

    I will be back later with more news from Iraq or New Jersey


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  • Thursday, August 12, 2004

    Gov. McGreevey - "I Like The Cock"

    It's being reported locally, and on Fox News that the Governor of New Jersey is resigning.

    I always found him kinda creepy in all of them, "Come To New Jersey" commercials.

    It's usually him strolling around the beach with his um... "wife" trying to sell us on the virtues of Jersey. Which pretty much amounted to, "We have some beaches and gambling... did I mention the gambling.. oh and don't mind the smell on the Turnpike near exit 14 that's just Newark.. Yeah, and the smell by exit 13.. cause for the life of me. I don't know what the fuck that smell is either."

    During his press conference, which was held this afternoon at 4.pm, he said the reason he is resigning is not because of the pending campaign investigation which involves his close friend, Charles Kushner, and allegations of a sorid tale of blackmail and prostitution.

    Nope he is resigning because he, "shamefully engaged in an adulterous affair", behind his wife's back.

    Wait here is the kicker.. With a dude. Yes the Govenor of Jersey;
    - liked the Meat Marlboro
    - Rode the baloney Pony
    - Was a bone smuggler

    Now liking the cock is not an impeachable offense, and he does not plan on stepping down till November 15th, when I guess his new home is finished being decorated.

    He wants to use the time out of the public eye to, "ask the forgiveness and the embrace of my wife." and um.. if it would be ok to get some on the side.

    A successor has not been named as of yet, because New Jersey does not have a lieutenant governor.

    As of now I think the requirements for Govenor are;
    -don't raise taxes
    -don't be a fag.

    I will keep you posted.

    Update: Somebody sent me this song he wants to dedicate to the former Govenor.
    ** Its Very.. Very.. Very.. Vulgar.. You've been warned **


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  • U.S. Forces Storm Najaf.

    This is an ongoing story.. I will try my best to keep you up to date as things unfold.

    Update: From Fox News - We are in Najaf and kicking fucking ass

    Update: From CNN - We are fucking them up, but should we?

    Update: From ABC News.com - We are in the home of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and eating his food and using the toilet but not putting the seat up.

    Update: From MSNBC - War? huh? what? where? New Pics Of J-lo's fat ass though.

    Update: From Salon.com: Wanna read.... Gotta pay.. Haa haa.

    Update: From The New York Times - Bagdad Bob is reporting that there are no troops in Bagdad and that if they even think about entering Bagdad our great Iraqi army will spill the blood of the Infadels.

    Update: From Fox News - Dude, we are kicking their asses, the enemy is running away like a red headed kid that just pissed off his step mom.

    Update: From The L.A. Times - This is a war we can not win, we must leave Iraq and vote for Kerry to make sure that our military never suffers another defeat.

    Update: From Fox News - Holy shit, it's like shooting fish in a barrell the only thing saving the enemy is that these fuckers run realy fast in the sand

    Update: From MSNBC - More Pictures of Mandy Moore's left nipple.

    Update: From The Washington Post - Innocent Iraqi militia men are being slaughtered in the street by US and Iraqi military forces, We have the audaucity to return fire on these innocent freedom fighters that are puting up a game but futill attempt to overthrow the American's currently occouping Iraq. A relief fund for the families of these Militia freedom fighters is currently being set up by our good friends at moveon.org with almost 2 quarters of a percent going to the freedom fighting militia.

    Update: From CNN - Fighting continues, but should gay couples be allowed to mary in California.

    As more news comes in I will keep you posted.
    **What? Do you go to CNN for dick jokes? Then You shouldn't come here for news ** - Hey Listen to Baby Raper from my post a few days ago -


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  • What Every Good Protest Needs...

    Besides morons on stilts, puppet figures of Bush (preferably looking like Hitler), a 20 something slacker in Nike sneakers, Old Navy cargo pants an Eddie Bauer Polo shirt holding a Starbucks coffee with a sign that says, "End Capitalism Now" and Phish songs playing in the background.

    A good chant...

    Yes sir, a chant can make or break a protest march. All of us remember, "No Justice, No Peace" or "Hell no, We won't go" and my favorite, "We're Queer, We're Here".

    Looking at the rhetorical ramblings of the left they hit us with ,"No War For Oil" or "Bush Lied, People Died". I think they can do better, I mean for Christ sakes most of these losers don't have a job are entering their 5th year of college and live in their parent's basement. You would think with all that free time they would come up with something better than, "Bush lied.. yada yada yada."

    So as a public service to my mentally unstable friends on the left I leave you with some protest chants.

    - "Bush Farted, Cheney Darted"
    - "Tastes great, Less Filling"
    - "Yankees suck" - That's for our Boston Liberals
    - " - I go home and masturbate"
    - "What do we want" -'Bottled water' - When do we want it -'Now'
    - "We don't care what you say... We don't vote anyway"
    - "Say no to war, Say yes to Carbs"

    and my favorite

    - "Oww.. Oww. Pepper spray.. IT BURNS.. it burns..."


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  • Michael Moore's New Documentary

    Download the trailer here

    Thanks to M.D. who sent me an email with the link for Moveonplease.org and to Ace Of Spades for making with teh funney.


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  • Wednesday, August 11, 2004

    What Were YOU doing - December 1968

    Apparently there is some discussion on where John Kerry actually was during the month of December of 1968, Lookie here, here and here too. Now thanks to Instapundit, John Kerry has drawn parallels to his life using the movie "Apocalypse Now".

    On more than one occasion, I, like Martin Sheen in "Apocalypse Now," took my
    patrol boat into Cambodia

    In fact, I remember spending Christmas Day of 1968 five miles across the
    Cambodian border being shot at by our South Vietnamese Allies who were drunk and celebrating Christmas

    Ok, here is the funny part, On more than one occasion Martin Sheen has these delusions that HE is infact the President, so Kerry would be Sheen who pretends to be Kerry.

    I wish Brando was still alive to sort this all out, where the hell does Lt. Col. Bill Kilgore fit into all of this and does Kerry play Ride of the Valkyries when he is tooling around in his SUV, "Because it scares the shit out of the gooks."

    So my question to everyone is in 2 parts 1) Where were you in December 1968 and 2) If you had to steal a movie character to base your life on, whom would it be.


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  • Looks Like Kerry's Got The Fat Insane Housewife Vote All Locked Up.

    Thanks Allah, And Aaron

    But wait, doesn't the President leave office in January.. so that would be.. um.. August.. 5 months.

    I guess you don't let the facts get in the way of a 50/50 poly/cotton blend t-shirt.


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  • 9 out of 10 terrorists support John Kerry

    This article from the New York Post is quite disturbing if your a fan of freedom, and want to make sure that America is secure now and in the future.

    Kerry said this week that he hoped to begin reducing U.S. troop strength in
    Iraq within six months of taking office, if elected, but that it would depend on
    broader international assistance, better stability in Iraq and other

    Talk about snatching defeat from the grasp of victory. Maybe Kerry was having flashbacks to the evacuation of the U.S embassy in Hanoi, or Cambodia or where ever he tells people he was during that time period because It's becoming very murky.

    Bush dismissed the plan as a politically driven one that would cut short the
    mission and aid the enemy.
    Isn't that what Kerry and the Loonie left want to do anyway? Appeasement, Ignorance, or just pull a Clinton and stare at the wall while your knob is getting polished by some chubby intern? Meanwhile ignoring the signs that a plot is being hatched to destroy America, because France is on the phone trying to get a three way deal to sell some uranium to Iran.

    "The key is not to set artificial timelines," Bush said
    Tuesday while campaigning for re-election in Niceville, Fla. He said the
    Massachusetts senator's plan would signal the enemy that, "Gosh, all
    we've got to do is wait them out."

    I don't think our camel humping enemies would use the word "gosh" but we are going to win this battle in Iraq by using brute force and the will of our brave men and women serving there.

    There are a lot of people in the tin foil hat community that would like to see some sort of failure in Iraq so they can comment on how they told us so and the Klingon's would have handled this matter more effectively, and we should nominate Brack from the Cartoon Network as our next Head of the CIA because he won't tap into their brain frequency and try to read their minds.

    Or we can just stand the course, kick some terrorist ass, and work on making sure Iraq remains free.


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  • Military Servicemen Rock.. They Rock..

    I decided to look at my site tracker after a week and besides the 95 unique hits. (Thank You, very much to all the people that visited) I noticed there was a Military ISP, from Bagdad no less. How cool does that fucking rock people, this guy or girl took a moment to enter my world after spending a day protecting his... And I thank him or her.

    I came across this video, from Tammi at Road Warrior Survival

    And I send this out to ALL the brave men and women, stationed all around this world, living in tents, eating c-rations, fighting an enemy that's only goal is the destruction of all that makes America, "The land of the free and the home of the brave"

    You guys fucking rock... you rock.


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  • If Our President Hung Out In Atlantic City and Played Craps.

    He would do it at these hotels.

    - The Borgata
    - The Hilton A.C.
    - Trump Taj Mahal
    - Caesar's Atlantic City

    He would look for a table with 100 times odds and always win... Cause he's the fucking President.


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  • Tuesday, August 10, 2004

    Even Evil Needs A Theme Song.

    From the Washington Post, Michelle Malkin and Right Thoughts.

    A Wheaton couple were awakened early Sunday by their 4-year-old daughter screaming in her bedroom. The girl's mother rushed in and found a stranger -- naked and apparently drunk --lying on top of the girl.
    So I give you this little diddy from The Opie and Anthony Show & oavirus.com

    Because even evil needs a theme song.

    * Warning this is a 4mb mp3 download* And is VERY offensive - YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. *


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