Tuesday, August 31, 2004


A march from the United Nations to Madison Square Garden ended in violence Monday after a protester attacked a plainclothes detective on a scooter, knocking him unconscious.
I am missing where the constitution grants the right to assault? Is that in between freeing the slaves and prohibition?

Read how a guy from the NY Daily News didn't bathe for a week to fit in with the anarchists.
"We are not a bunch of kids causing vandalism, We're adults with families trying to end poverty."
And if that doesn't work, then we break shit.
Outside a hotel in Times Square, delegates to the Republican National Convention were swarmed by protesters dressed in black and swearing at them. Blocks away, delegates engaged in shoving matches with protesters seeking to spoil their night at the theater. And outside "The Lion King" on 42nd Street, a delegate was punched by a protester who ran by.
I fucking hate cowards just as much as protesters, I guess one is the same.

Read how the NY Times doesn't try to blame the delegates for all this violence.

The country is watching this shit, moderate and indepedent voters who would side with the causes of the liberals could and should be swayed by the antics of the loony left and their cohorts.

Update: Watch "when moonbats attack" courtesy of Outside The Perimeter. and the great people at Protestwarrior.com

Update: Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Patricia Nuñez ordered Yusuke Banno, 21, held in lieu of $200,000 bond or $100,000 cash on charges of inciting a riot, resisting arrest and assaulting Police Officer John Park, 26

A New York Judge got it right for a change.

Read more at the NYPost


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