Wednesday, August 25, 2004

527's and Fishing For New England Slack-Jaws

George W – Throws line with bait into the murky Boston Back Bay.

Kerry whines, "Stop the negative 527 ads" mostly from a group that we all know as the "Swift boat veterans for truth”

Kerry pleads with our President, “please stop these ad’s, and do not condone these ad’s”


Kerry’s backbone of his campaign was that he was a seasoned war veteran, the winner of 3 purple hearts and these ad’s, although proven true can damage Kerry’s campaign and leave him vulnerable.

A nibble with a slight tug.

Kerry’s response to these ads’s? Dispatching lawyers to scare TV stations into censoring Swiftie ads, pressuring bookstores to ban the Swiftie bible, "Unfit to Command," even appealing to the toothless Federal Election Commission to make his erstwhile comrades-in-arms shut up. But to no avail

A bite around the edge of the bait.

Finally Kerry demanded that Bush himself step in and silence the Swifties. It was a moment Bush had been waiting for.

ZING…Fishermen love that sound..

Our President hitched up his jeans, sauntered out to a press conference and allowed as to how he'd be glad to help his worthy opponent. But, just to be fair, he said, let's shut down the negative campaigning by all 527 groups. Goodbye, Swifties. So long, MoveOn. Just say the word, Sen. Kerry, and we'll take all the nasty dollars out of politics.

Pull… pull… GRAB THE NET, it looks like a big one.

Kerry hasn't said that word. He probably can't. His entire campaign finance structure is predicated on 527 money. For Bush, soft money is just a dab of Texas perfume; for Kerry, it's oxygen. If the senator cuts off his billionaire backers, he suffocates. If he sticks with Soros, et al., he's stuck with the Swifties, too.

A good catch, one giant New England slack-jaw.

This ladies and gentle men is politics 101, give a slack jaw enough line, it will eventually get caught and turned into a tuna sandwich.

Read something in the NY Daily News that doesn't have to do with firemen gangbangs.


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