Wednesday, August 11, 2004

9 out of 10 terrorists support John Kerry

This article from the New York Post is quite disturbing if your a fan of freedom, and want to make sure that America is secure now and in the future.

Kerry said this week that he hoped to begin reducing U.S. troop strength in
Iraq within six months of taking office, if elected, but that it would depend on
broader international assistance, better stability in Iraq and other

Talk about snatching defeat from the grasp of victory. Maybe Kerry was having flashbacks to the evacuation of the U.S embassy in Hanoi, or Cambodia or where ever he tells people he was during that time period because It's becoming very murky.

Bush dismissed the plan as a politically driven one that would cut short the
mission and aid the enemy.
Isn't that what Kerry and the Loonie left want to do anyway? Appeasement, Ignorance, or just pull a Clinton and stare at the wall while your knob is getting polished by some chubby intern? Meanwhile ignoring the signs that a plot is being hatched to destroy America, because France is on the phone trying to get a three way deal to sell some uranium to Iran.

"The key is not to set artificial timelines," Bush said
Tuesday while campaigning for re-election in Niceville, Fla. He said the
Massachusetts senator's plan would signal the enemy that, "Gosh, all
we've got to do is wait them out."

I don't think our camel humping enemies would use the word "gosh" but we are going to win this battle in Iraq by using brute force and the will of our brave men and women serving there.

There are a lot of people in the tin foil hat community that would like to see some sort of failure in Iraq so they can comment on how they told us so and the Klingon's would have handled this matter more effectively, and we should nominate Brack from the Cartoon Network as our next Head of the CIA because he won't tap into their brain frequency and try to read their minds.

Or we can just stand the course, kick some terrorist ass, and work on making sure Iraq remains free.


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