Thursday, August 05, 2004

An aging 70's rocker, a young hip band and 3 dykes.. I mean Chicks... Next on FOX

Springsteen and others get together to ROCK THE VOTE !

Ok I will admit I liked me some Pearl Jam, back in the day. I sulked around in my flannel shirt moping about how my rents' are keeping me down, the man won't give me a chance and my life sucks cause I have to drive around in a 1986 Camaro while all my other friends are busting out the 1990 IROC-Z's.

Then something wonderful happened to me, I got a job, got married, had a kid and you know what? Pearl Jam was not that important to me anymore, yes I still pop in TEN in the CD player and I still bang my head to Jermey but its just music.

Bruce Springsteen is hitting the road this fall to campaign against President Bush's reelection and he's persuaded 20 top rockers to join him.
The Boss and announced plans yesterday for anti-Bush concerts in 28 cities in nine states that are so close in the polls they are considered key battlegrounds.
The author of "Born in the USA" and the 9/11 tribute "The Rising" has rounded up Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, Bonnie Raitt, R.E.M., the Dixie Chicks and others for the "Vote for Change" tour.

This is just a shameless attempt to separate the moonbats from their cash and its actually sort of sad when the Dixie Chicks think they are revelant.

Ticket prices haven't been set yet, but proceeds will go to America Coming Together, a group seeking to mobilize voters to support Democrats.

So the truth comes out, its not about the PEOPLE, noooo.. It's about some pseudo communist lobbying group trying to impose their will on the rest of us.
ACT founders include Ellen Malcolm and Steve Rosenthal,veterans in the fight against right-wing extremism.

You know, that Right wing extremism, the one that lowered our taxes, got the economy moving again and sought out terror and brought the fight to their doorstep. The extremism that gave us pride and patriotism after the brutal attacks by Muslim scumbags. The extremists that follow the constitution and fully understands that I have a right to bear arms and works hard to preserve the rights of law abiding families.

One final note, all of them Springsteen songs where he sings about the downtrodden, the helpless, the feeling of hope being lost, well they were written during the Jimmy Carter era. If that means anything to you.


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