Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Concrete barriers… I hate concrete barriers…

Ever since my company moved to a new location, one that is apparently high on the terrorist hit list. (Fucking scumbags) I have grown accustomed to the armed Hercules guards standing near the main entrance just waiting for that unsuspecting tourist to make a sudden move for his fanny pack.

Walking to work this morning I was met with these rather large concrete barriers that now block the staircases and are placed at such an angle that it resembles a satanic obstacle course.

But I wonder, why this building? It’s very non descript, the same cookie cutter architecture of the 70’s, makes it look like every single office building that you would find in virtually every office park in America.

The building’s tenants are very boring too, some banking back offices some law firms no Israeli Consulate offices, no high-powered Government offices. The lower concourse doesn’t even have good shops; just some fast food places a newsstand and a nail salon.

Does our terrorist scumbag friends have something against French manicures and Subway sandwiches?

Maybe It’s the building’s name, it has one of them cutesy names that drives messengers up the wall because they are looking for a physical address like 55 water street, and I would bet dollars to donuts that most people don’t even know the number address to this building, even I get mail addressed to the “cutesy name” as apposed to the numerical address.

I don’t know the answers; I just want them to leave my building and my city alone. Fucking scumbags.


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