Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Damn You NBC, Damn You To Hell....

For keeping me up for the last 36 hours with you’re around the clock Olympic coverage.

For the last 2 days I have been fascinated with the games more tertiary sports. I’m talking Fencing, Badminton, Water Polo and Table Tennis. All of which the Chinese are quite a dominate force.

So I took a moment to Google, “Chinese superiority in tertiary sports” and I found this.

HONG KONG - Hong Kong police arrested 115 men for illegally gambling on insect
fights on Sunday in the same building that housed a cricket lovers' association,
a police spokesman said.

Police seized about 300 crickets and $1,025 in
cash during the bust, said police spokesman T.K. Ng. The alleged bug gamblers
remained in custody Sunday, but weren't immediately charged, Ng said. Illegal
gambling carries a maximum penalty of $1,280 and three months' imprisonment
Just as I type this a co-worker reading over my shoulder comments that, “Damn chinks will bet on anything."

So I’m fascinated on many fronts, is this a predominate sport in China and can I find a bookie to lay off some of my action.

To my surprise Cricket fighting is to the Chinese as Steroid abuse is to Barry Bonds. (Very prevalent, for the slow people in the group. )

After feeding them on cooked rice, flies and mosquitoes for several weeks, the
crickets are ready to fight.

The foreigner may find it difficult to imagine
a heated contest between two rival crickets and the people who are watching the
contest. It is reminiscent of the cruel scenes of bullfighting.

The cricket owners sit poised with a blade of grass resting on their fighting crickets, both surveying the scene with trepidation. The onlookers repeatedly cheer at decisive moments throughout the contest.
"It's just like a soccer match,"
"Those watching closely will find great fun, while others who do not like it may view the contest with disdain."

Cricket-fighting was actually a popular source of entertainment in ancient
times. According to the historical records, during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
there were even cricket-fighting contests organized by the government every
year, in which expert cricket raisers gathered and competed with their small

In Shanghai and Tianjin, there are several cricket clubs
currently operating. In the past, cricket-fighting was actually a way of
communication and promoting friendship in the neighborhood.

Early in autumn, young men or teenagers would gather in a narrow lane, or at the gate of some house or courtyard, and would either exchange experiences of raising crickets or partake in a cricket-fight.

The one who owns a repeatedly victorious cricket will become famous in his community and even receives a nickname after the cricket, such as "yellow-head," "red-chest" or "short-wing.

And there is even cheating in this time-honored sport.

Because winning is a matter of money, in the past 10 years several methods of
cheating have emerged such as applying a special smell to the head of a fighting
cricket in order to drive away the other, as well as feeding the crickets
I know what your saying to yourself, damn I wish I could watch a cricket fight video. Well ask and ye shall receive. It has better lighting than the Paris Hilton video, but you don’t have to deal with the annoying voice of Pamela Anderson, so it’s somewhat of a trade off.

Watch Cricket fighting here.


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