Thursday, August 19, 2004

Does God Do Low Interest Mortgage Loans Too?

Song Stuck In My Head - "Take me as I am" - Seven Wiser.

FARMINGTON — A man who called himself Ray Montano and held a Bible, had told Webb Chevrolet Toyota Finance Officer Bob Bish that Jesus Christ would finance a new car for him.

After employees refused to give Montano keys to a new car on the showroom floor...

What did he do?

“He said ‘If you don’t give me the keys to the car I’m going to drive it (the pickup) through the showroom window,’” Bishsaid. “He did. Fortunately he did not have a gun with him.”

YES!!!!! Now that is a great morning wake up story. I love nothing better than to sit at my desk fire up the puter and read about how a nutjob drove his car through a window. All in the name of Jesus of course.

Wait, it gets better..

Farmington Police were checking to find the owner of the pickup truck. They believed Montano had borrowed it from a friend or relative

Not only did he drive a car through a showroom window, It wasn't even his. I mean why total your car when you can borrow you're cousin's.

I love crazy people.


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