Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Hee.. Hee Hee...

Song stuck in my head today - Medicate by FLAW.

Rock-throwing kids anger 120,000 bees.

LOS ANGELES, California -- Kids throwing rocks stirred up more trouble than
they bargained for when they dislodged a swarm of bees from an enormous hive
built in the wall of a Southern California apartment building, authorities said
on Friday.

An estimated 120,000 bees held residents of the apartment building
and nearby homes hostage in Santa Ana, California after the children pelted
their 500 pound hive with rocks on Thursday, Santa Ana Fire Captain
Steve Horner said.

Several people, including firefighters, news reporters and
a TV cameraman, reported being stung and at least two people were taken to a
hospital with multiple stings, Horner said.

That will learn em' to throw rocks. Kids will be kids, but this is damn funny.
The quarter-ton honeycomb, which may have accumulated inside the apartment wall for years, was so big it was threatening the structural integrity of the two-story building, Horner said.
No WAIT !!! that's a load bearing bee hive. Where is Winnie the Pooh when you need him.


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