Monday, August 30, 2004

Kerry Girls Booed At MTV VMA Awards.

I love Florida, they can't vote correctly worth a shit, but they amuse and sometimes impress me. I actually lived in Deerfield Beach for 6 months till I discovered I can not stand 100 percent humidity and big flying bugs. (And this was in November)

Last night was the MTV Video Music awards, and the truth is I was flipping between that and the Olympics and apparently I didn't miss much of either.

According to the Drudge report, the reception for the Kerry Daughters was less than warm and jeers could be heard from the crowd.

That caught me by suprise, I know that Cubans are very republican but the makeup of the crowd looked white trash and beautifull black people, Kerry's bread and butter.

I changed the channel after Hoobastank butchered their song and figured I don't need to see Usher or Jay-Z any more, and that whole Yacht thing was beyond pretentious.

If anyone watched it can they tell me if they dragged out Gloria Estafan? Because shit can't go down in Miami without her getting involved.

Read more from the Drudge Report.


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