Saturday, August 14, 2004

Let The Games Begin...

Wow, who knew the Greeks were more than ass sex, diner food and hot coffee. I spent the evening watching the Olympic opening ceremonies and I have to say I was impressed.

Unlike the dancing pick-up trucks of the Atlanta games, the Greeks went all the way back to B.C. to set up the theme for this year's games. A little history, the ancient Olympic Greek games celebrating the Greek God Zeus were held for more than one thousand years from 776 B.C. till 393 A.D where is was outlawed by The Roman Emperor Theodosius I because he believed the games were a pagan festival.

Before I begin with the highlights, I just want to give a big F.U to the media outlets who felt it necessary to write "etiquette" pieces for our American athletes because of a predetermined notion that our nation would be booed. Now that was farthest from the truth, was our welcome rousing? Sure was, this was never about politics but about the hard work of all the athletes. To listen to the cheers for the athletes of Iraq and Afghanistan made me believe for a moment, maybe the rest of the civilized world "gets" what we did.

Some highlights:
- I didn't get the pregnant lady with the E.T. belly, I had the volume low because Katie Kouric makes me want to punch the television.

- Argentina has the most beautiful people I have ever seen, not one ugly person in the bunch.

- I don't need an explanation of the Greek alphabet and to be told that's why Zambia marched before the U.S.A.

- Everyone from Ethiopia looked hungry, but they can run like they stole some shit from k-mart.

- What was with the French waving the Greek flags? Did they surrender during the commercial break?

- The Spain contingent was the biggest sausage fest out of all the countries, not a chick to be found.

- In start contrast the Italian team was mostly all women, should we spell out who is going to be hooking up at these games.

- Cameroon rocks, not the country... I just like saying Cameroon.

- Iraq and Afghanistan, nice to see all the smiling athletes, and they are smiling because they know that if they lose they will not be killed.

- Canada, they all looked drunk I guess Greek beer is way more potent than Molson's

- Puerto Rico, when did baby making become an Olympic event? * relax I am Puerto Rican, I can make fun *

- You know NBC would not get through the Olympics without mentioning Astoria at least once.

- The commercials for the movie "The Forgotten" look stupid, so I will pass.

- Can you say Morocco, without saying Casablanca right after it?

- Did everyone see the fat guy from Palestine? What freaking sport is he competing in.

And Finally...

Good luck to everyone, the Olympic games are about the athletes, sportsmanship and good will. And we shouldn't forget that.


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