Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Man Boobs and Moonbats

I decided to walk outside and grab some lunch, on my walk around lower Manhattan, I saw this guy with the biggest pair of tits I have ever seen on a male that wasn't a tranny. The guy was in decent physical shape so I just chalked this up to steriod abuse.

But I wanted to yell, "Hey dude, there is a Modell's a few blocks from here, might want to sling them puppies in a sports bra or something."

The point of this was, when I got back and washed my eyes out of that horrible sight of Darryll Parton, I decided to read some left blogs. I know I shouldn't, most of them are one hit wonders of conspiracy theory's and rhetorical soundbites. Then in the end they grab their cocks and slap each other huge high fives and go on living in tin-foil oblivion.

Then I came across this .

The idea is to help individuals defend themselves from assault by the agents of
the state.

Remember: the cops are trained to hurt people. Whenever you
hear that two hundred people have been injured on a demonstration, you can
safely assume they were not hurt by tripping up and grazing their knees.

This may all sound quite scary, but it is better to be prepared for the
depredations of the police than to run around with head wounds.

if we are not intimidated and if we are not injured, attacks will become

We will be able to go home knowing that we have done the
right thing: will they?

Wait I thought these fuckers are supposed to be all non-violent and peace and love.

UPDATE: And as Michelle Malkin points out, like the homeless being kicked out of Las Vegas the same wastes of oxygen that disrupt San Francisco are being shipped here to New York.
Much to the delight of San Francisco-ians I gather.


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