Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Moonbats Want the Park... They Can't Have The Park !

The jerk-off activists of, "United For Peace & Justice", have again applied for a permit to allow their moonbat ilk to stomp all over the Great Lawn of Central Park. And again the City Of New York is not backing down.

The Parks Department turned down its original application in April, saying
that crowds of activists -- which could exceed 250,000 -- would trample and
damage the Great Lawn.

The plan was to move the tin-foil hat wearing, morons on stilts, sideshow to a safe place along the West Side Highway, mostly away from the rest of the human beings of New York.

City officials say the site would be easier for the police to secure and would
not tie up traffic in a busy part of Manhattan or pose an inconvenience to New

Now that worked for the 98 percent of New Yorkers that didn't want a bunch of outside agitators coming into New York, not spending any money, causing untold amounts of property damage and draining Police resources which would be better fit to stop Mohammed and his merry band of "proper underwear wearing" freaks from causing chaos.
This isn't good enought for these ass-hats.

But Leslie Cagan, the captain of this rudderless ship called MoonBat Central, said demonstrators would bake in the heat coming off the asphalt, and she said a linear demonstration several miles long would prevent people at the back of the crowd from seeing or hearing speakers on the stage.
What happend to the good old days when these hippies would sit out for hours promoting their useless causes, now they need things like shade and water. I bet they want chairs and not them fucked up metal ones but the cushie folding chairs you would find at an arena.

Their cause is pathetic, their requests are borderline retarded and as I speak for the 8 million New Yorkers, they are not welcome.

*I am allowed to speak for the 8 million New Yorkers, they said it was OK. *


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