Monday, August 30, 2004

Putting the Numbers in perspective.

So you live in Podunk, Population a few thousand to a little above a million, you turn on FOX News, hopefully, and see this throng of humanity walking around Manhattan.

Are you impressed by the size of the crowd? Well you shouldn't be. Here are some numbers to chew on.

There are approximately 9 million New Yorkers and a little over 100,000 attended this um… rally? Anarchist function? I don’t know what to call it, how about a bunch of sweaty moonbats hanging out in the need of a purpose and a shower..

Consider this.

1981 – 500,000 show up on the Great Lawn for a Simon and Garfunkel reunion concert.
1986 – 1.2 million show up in lower Manhattan to celebrate the Mets World Series victory.
1994 – 2 million go back to the Canyon of hero’s to party with the New York Rangers and their first Stanley cup since 1948
1997 – 250,000 two step it with Garth Brooks in Central Park, considering that NY does not have a Country Music station that’s a nice crowd.
1996-1998-1999-2000 1 million show up each year as the Yankees win…. The Yankees win… the World Series

Ohh… can’t forget.

1945- 5 million people line the Canyon of Hero’s to celebrate V-J day.

150,000… fuck that… on any give day you can get at least a thousand New Yorkers to line up for some kind of useless activity.

I am not impressed, and you shouldn’t be either.


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