Monday, August 30, 2004

Republican Convention DAY 1

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MSNBC live outside of the Garden, (Always a bad thing)

MSNBC - Chris Matthews asks a rather young looking delegate, "Why are you a Republican." His answer, "Because I'm smart."

Jerry Glanvile on being at the Bush girls invitation only party, "I was the oldest guy there, but I had a great time."

CNN - Ben Stein, "Kerry not a man of faith."

Thank God all the channels are in a row.


CNN - Bo Derek, she looks good, "Hollwood has a silent majority of Bush backers, that donate alot of money to the campagin." and "The speakers represent the whole Republican party."

- Clip of the Kerry girls getting booed at the MTV video music awards.

I don't know what channel CSPAN is on.


Olivia something or another singing the nation anthem, I have to say the stage looks good, like a cross between a Metallica concert and A Jimmy Swaggert pulpit.

MSNBC is still outside, can't hear Chris Matthews over the sirens.

CSPAN - channel 65, whoo hoo..

Song and dance of Broadway show tunes, during break. Bernard Kerick first speaker scheduled for 8:10

Spoof of the Saturday Night Live opening.. complete with the "Live From New York" line.
Dick Cheney

Chairman Ed Gillespie speaks, roll call of the states.
Hey the convention is in NYC why the fuck do we have such shitty seats.
Its our fucking place.

Fox News - Bill O'reilly asking Mary Matalin why the bitterness and divide between the dems and republicans, short answer, "I dunno."

CNN - Giving us an 'upskirt' of one of the Bush twins.

MSNBC - Still outside, crowd getting rowdy. Charles Cook, wondering why Kerry is stumping in states like Lousiana and Nevada, states that he can not win.

MSNBC - Giving us a 'downblouse' of BOTH Bush twins.


Commercials - NY Jets lobbying hard for a west side stadium, my feelings.. don't build it in Brooklyn and we are ok.

Fox News - Does the protesters hurt Kerry, Congressman Weiner from NY nope, (what a dick)


CSPAN - Vice President and wife take their seats to, "You're all I need" awww...
Lots and lots of cowboy hats.

Fox News - Pat Buchanan talking to Bill O'Reilly, sitting in the luxury suite, thats the closest he is getting to that stage this year. Didn't blame the war on Iraq on the fags though.

CSPAN - Video of President Ford, he didn't fall down or get shot in any of the video montages.

Opening musical act - Dexter Freebish. Lead singer wearing a Gilley's t-shirt, I love that place.

Fox News - Erika Harold - Miss America 2003, lemme guess, world peace. and abstinence.... Damn I am good.

Bush I and Barbara enters to ,"Jump" by Van Halen??? I don't get it.


CSPAN - Ron Silver speaks, "3000 people murdered, we will never forget, we will never forgive we will never excuse" - crowd roars.

Wait.. he is a democrat.. he was on West Wing.. but he is pissed...

Total Rambo... WE DID NOT START THIS.. WE DID NOT DRAW FIRST BLOOD ! - crowd roars.

"I am a liberal but force is necessary"

YEAH !!! I wanna break stuff, fuck yeah.. crowd chants 4 more years... I toss the laptop across the room.. I am pumped.. YEAH!

"On to Victory" - Crowd Roars.

Heather Wilson, first woman in combat, from New Mexico. Talking about Jason Cunningham, I think he was Richie's brother on Happy Days, you know the one that just disappears after the second season.

Video tribute to New York veterans, past and present.


CNBC - Dennis Miller talking about internet porn, Tim Meadows in Harlem making fun of the natives.

CNN - I'm Bob Dole, I use Viagra and fuck all night... I'm Bob Dole.


CSPAN - Bernard Kerick, 9/11 sucked major ass, it wasn't a good day. Another Rambo reference, "We didn't ask for this war." Afghanistan, Iraq, we fucked them up, world safer.

Bring back Ron Silver,

Kerick still speaking, money for this, money for that, courage, leadership, Only one leader, pray's to God Bush has you're vote.

Milwaukee fireman know about decisive decisions, you know cause they were all running into the towers being all.. hey go up.. up.. rescue.

NYPD Seargents union endorsing Bush.

Rob Khuzami, title to long, he is an attorney. Taking about the Patriot Act.
Fuck them ACLU hippie freaks.

Zainab Al-Suwaij - woman from Iraq, US gave us freedom, don't have to wear this stupid head gear.

Jason Seahorn and Angie Harmon, presenting the award for Best Picture, and the nonimees are.. no.. wait.. the Medal Of Valor.. sorry my bad.


Darrell Worley sings, "It's a beautiful life"
More country music.. whoo hoo !!

Fox News - Rudy... Rudy... Rudy.. Rudy..
Fox news makes a funney, if Senator McCain tells John Kerry to dye his hair blond and shave his pubes.. he would.


Senator John McCain, plaguerizing F.D.R.

I was in Nam' Knee deep in rice patties and gooks, If it runs it's VC if it stands still it's well disciplined VC.

September 11th sucked, we were attacked, not for what we did wrong, but for who we are. For one moment in time we were all Americans.. oh and Bush had a 89 percent approval rate.

Got friends that are democrats... want's to say they are pussies... but doesn't

War is an awful business, but who's buying - wait that Iron Maiden... Who the hell wrote this?
Crowd - 4 more years.

It was either war or a graver threat from Sadam don't believe our opponents or a disengenious film maker who would have us believe...crowd boooooooossss... that Sadam's Iraq was a place of peace, and not that of a mass murdering tyrant.

Crowd is hopped up.... like a pre-teen on 'x' and the chemical brothers playing in the background.

McCain wants us to know that love is better than hate, you know cause I didn't learn that in Kindergarden.

McCain leaves. Crowd Claps.

Denna Burnett, Husband died on UA flight 93... was she the, "Let's Roll" lady?
I am not sure.

More Chicks from 9/11... where is playboy magazine with this spread.
Piolts fought, passengers fought, fireman fought all hero's

Going to have a Cig, waiting for Rudy.

Daniel Rodriguez, you remember him the opera singing police man, singing amazing grace.



Crowd Roars..

The bad guys heard from us... in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya... And as long as G.W is our president they will continue hearing from us.

This is the most Republicans he has ever seen in New York, He feels at home.
New York Is stronger than ever under Bush.

Bush is a war time consigleri, a leader.

YEAH.. Kerry is a pussy, A pussy.

And he said the same thing I did after 9/11, "Thank God George Bush is our president"

Either you are with us, or you're with the terrorist.
Now a Rock chant from the WWE.
"IT DOESN'T MATTER" - What Michael Moore thinks
"IT DOESN'T MATTER" - What the fucked up Democrats think.
Rudy is going to lay the smackdown.

John Kerry has no vision, no leadership, Bush sticks with the tough decisions, Kerry Waffles. Kerry voted against the Persian Gulf war in 1990
- Crowd boos -
Rudy makes a funny - He must have heard you booing, cause he changed his mind.
Kerry is running as an anti-war candidate, but can change his mind, he has 67 more days.
Rudy makes another funny - Kerry voted for the 87 million dollars for the troops before he voted against it.
- Crowd roars. -

I fucking love Rudy!

His story of when G.W met with the workers of 9/11 and one construction worker comments regarding how the terrorist should be delt with, and his grasp on the President, after George agrees with him.

New York construction workers rock.

Rudy end with a God Bless Everyone, except for the bad guys.

Frank Sinatra video singing, "New York, New York"

Its over.. day one in the books.

Hey, if your reading this, drop me a note, let me know what you think.


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