Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Russian Terrorism

"The wide distribution of large fragments indirectly confirms the conjecture
that the plane broke up in midair because of an explosion,"

Chechnya rebels, Al-Qaeda, does it matter? Evil is evil.

One thought, these are the scumbags that the people on the left are rooting for in the name of some retarded ideology that preaches apathy.

“We have to sympathize with the terrorists, we have to befriend the terrorists, we have to help them”, this is what the left preaches, well they preach throwing marbles at police horses and destruction of property too but we will save that for a later discussion.

I would think that the rest of these pricks that distort the Koran would learn from the Palestines that terrorism doesn’t work, that is if you attack Spain, then it works perfectly.

Israel’s stance of destruction of the terrorist groups from the top, kill the head, then the ass will soon die too. Has worked well for them, they took the terrorist battle and brought it into Palestine. A well-placed car bomb, a precision missile strike and destruction of terrorist’s homes has the leaders of Hamas all of a sudden going “Stop” please.

Terrorism can only be defeated with brutal force that is the only thing terrorists understand.

Protest marches and request to trample on Central Park will not stop terrorism; keep that in mind when you look at the people that are supporting John Kerry and his ambulance-chasing counterpart.

I know I am preaching to the Choir here, but the thought of the United States going into apathy mode when it comes to dealing with these degenerates scares me, visions of Iranian hostages, long lines at the gas pump, triple digit inflation.

John Kerry IS Jimmy Carter, a win for him would bring us right back to 1974, and that my friend scares me the most.

Read about the Russian inquiry and investigation regarding the plane crashes.


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