Thursday, August 19, 2004

Things You Will NEVER hear A Liberal Say

"I'm sorry, I believe you have sent me this Goverment subsidy check in error"

"I wanted an enviromently friendly Hummer2"

"Maybe the liberation of fourty million Iraqi's was a good thing"

"Poor Israelies"

"They are not militia men, they are terrorists."

"Did you see that story on Fox News"

"Ever notice that Ted Rall might be full of shit"

"Instead of mid-night basketball, how about direct parental intervention"

"Racial Profiling might actually thwart terrorisim."

"Honey, instead of the 2 million dollar townhouse, lets move back to the hood"

"That nice young black kid, whom I am teaching how to read, is dating my daughter.

"I have a great job, a loving family I live in a great city, maybe Bush isn't so bad after all"


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