Wednesday, August 18, 2004

A Torso Cannot Fly On It's Own.

... Is what Air France told a limbless woman.

A wheelchair-bound woman with no limbs sued Air France for discrimination
on Friday, alleging she was kept off a flight by a gate agent who told her a
"torso cannot possibly fly on its own."

Adele Price, 42, a British citizen, sued the airline in Manhattan federal court seeking unspecified damages.

Price, who was born without limbs because her mother took the drug thalidomide during pregnancy, said in the suit she is able to manipulate a wheelchair and has
traveled by air many times.

The suit states that she had bought a ticket in 2000 for travel between Manchester, England and New York. After Price had checked her luggage, she alleged that she was stopped by an Air France agent who told her that "a head, one bottom and a torso cannot possibly fly on its own."

Price said in the suit that Air France let her take another flight to New York but only
after she was able to get a companion to go with her. However, Price said she
had to pay for the companion's airfare and lodging.

She said the airline also made it difficult for her to return from John F. Kennedy airport to Britain by requiring her to get opinions from four U.S. doctors certifying she was able to fly alone.

A spokeswoman for Air France had no immediate comment

I hate the French, hate their whole stinking, unbathed, unshaven, always on strike pathetic excuse for a country.

But on a lighter note, was I the only one to read "thalidomide" and then started to sing "We didn't start the fire" by Billy Joel.


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