Thursday, August 12, 2004

U.S. Forces Storm Najaf.

This is an ongoing story.. I will try my best to keep you up to date as things unfold.

Update: From Fox News - We are in Najaf and kicking fucking ass

Update: From CNN - We are fucking them up, but should we?

Update: From ABC - We are in the home of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and eating his food and using the toilet but not putting the seat up.

Update: From MSNBC - War? huh? what? where? New Pics Of J-lo's fat ass though.

Update: From Wanna read.... Gotta pay.. Haa haa.

Update: From The New York Times - Bagdad Bob is reporting that there are no troops in Bagdad and that if they even think about entering Bagdad our great Iraqi army will spill the blood of the Infadels.

Update: From Fox News - Dude, we are kicking their asses, the enemy is running away like a red headed kid that just pissed off his step mom.

Update: From The L.A. Times - This is a war we can not win, we must leave Iraq and vote for Kerry to make sure that our military never suffers another defeat.

Update: From Fox News - Holy shit, it's like shooting fish in a barrell the only thing saving the enemy is that these fuckers run realy fast in the sand

Update: From MSNBC - More Pictures of Mandy Moore's left nipple.

Update: From The Washington Post - Innocent Iraqi militia men are being slaughtered in the street by US and Iraqi military forces, We have the audaucity to return fire on these innocent freedom fighters that are puting up a game but futill attempt to overthrow the American's currently occouping Iraq. A relief fund for the families of these Militia freedom fighters is currently being set up by our good friends at with almost 2 quarters of a percent going to the freedom fighting militia.

Update: From CNN - Fighting continues, but should gay couples be allowed to mary in California.

As more news comes in I will keep you posted.
**What? Do you go to CNN for dick jokes? Then You shouldn't come here for news ** - Hey Listen to Baby Raper from my post a few days ago -


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