Thursday, August 12, 2004

What Every Good Protest Needs...

Besides morons on stilts, puppet figures of Bush (preferably looking like Hitler), a 20 something slacker in Nike sneakers, Old Navy cargo pants an Eddie Bauer Polo shirt holding a Starbucks coffee with a sign that says, "End Capitalism Now" and Phish songs playing in the background.

A good chant...

Yes sir, a chant can make or break a protest march. All of us remember, "No Justice, No Peace" or "Hell no, We won't go" and my favorite, "We're Queer, We're Here".

Looking at the rhetorical ramblings of the left they hit us with ,"No War For Oil" or "Bush Lied, People Died". I think they can do better, I mean for Christ sakes most of these losers don't have a job are entering their 5th year of college and live in their parent's basement. You would think with all that free time they would come up with something better than, "Bush lied.. yada yada yada."

So as a public service to my mentally unstable friends on the left I leave you with some protest chants.

- "Bush Farted, Cheney Darted"
- "Tastes great, Less Filling"
- "Yankees suck" - That's for our Boston Liberals
- " - I go home and masturbate"
- "What do we want" -'Bottled water' - When do we want it -'Now'
- "We don't care what you say... We don't vote anyway"
- "Say no to war, Say yes to Carbs"

and my favorite

- "Oww.. Oww. Pepper spray.. IT BURNS.. it burns..."


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