Friday, August 06, 2004

What Fear is.

If I have to sit here and read another moonbat rant about how the last security warning was just another political ploy to steal Kerry's thunder at the DNC I will personally put foot to ass.

Listen up all you tin foil hat wearing, Oliver Stone watching, Prozac taking loons. I live this fear every day, no its not as bad as being in Israel where a simple bus ride could lead to some black pajama wearing prick creating mayhem, but it unnerving never the less.

I have the displeasure to work in one of the many buildings targeted by our Muslim scumbag friends, security was already tough, my bag goes through an x-ray machine and myself through a metal detector. Now I walk by men with machine guns, and yes their fingers are on or near the trigger. Do I feel secure in my surroundings on the 56th floor, I guess, I am assuming the company I work for, the building's management and our Government are all doing their best to secure my safety.

It's a duel edged sword, if this information was not given to the press and one of these rag-head mother fuckers succeeded in his evil plot then every single hippie peacenik would put down their skull and crossbones bong and carry on about how the Government hid this information from us, and that we had a right to know and its a cover up and its all about the Saudi's, or whatever other fucking sound bite rant is the "rant dejour". And then these same flower children would want me to sympathize with these ass clowns and find someway to blame America, because as we all know, "America is Evil."

As this election rolls around, I ask myself what's important to me; a job, yup got one; crime, nope Giuliani cracked skulls a few years back and put the dregs who feel it necessary to commit crimes in prison; health care, nah, does my HMO suck and requires me to see my primary care physician every time I want to visit a specialist, yes, but its a small price to pay for having insurance.

What matters to me is the safety and security of my family, not having to worry if my family gets on the train to go to work or school that some Mosque going, Koran distorting dick face would try to cause them and the people of New York harm. I ask myself WWKD - "What would Kerry do?" and it doesn't look good, a few calls to the UN some calls to France and some lame speech about how HE was in Nam' and can relate to the carnage that was left by these bathrobe wearing, non bathing, camel fuckers. Oh, and Edwards would do what? File a lawsuit, wave his finger and say, "ohh.. that’s bad."

Fuck that shit, I want someone in charge with balls, with strong convictions, with the will to right what is wrong and not use appeasement but brutal force to bring these Allah licking duchebags to their knees.

This is a new age, the ideology of the 60's does not work, appeasement does not work. A very smart person once said, "I don't care if they like me, as long as they fear me." John Kerry is just another Jimmy Carter, just with a bitchy wife.

I don't want the Saudi's, the Iraqis', the Iranian's or even the North Koreans to like us, but I want them to fear us.


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