Thursday, August 26, 2004

What The Hell Is It with the Kennedy's and Abusing Women..

Weasel looking William Kennedy Smith is up to his old tricks again. This piece of shit was acquitted in 1991 of sexually battery and assault, so instead of disappearing into obscurity and maybe attending an AA meeting or 2 he decided he likes raping women better.

In the suit filed Wednesday in Cook County Circuit Court, 28-year-old Audra
Soulias alleges that after a night of drinking in 1999, Smith, now 43, forced
her out of a cab and into his home where he sexually assaulted her

Yes, I know, Why did she wait all this time to report this incident to the police, well her fear of the Kennedy name had a lot to do with it.

"She didn't report it to police because she was scared ...," her attorney, Kevin
O'Reilly, told WLS-TV on Thursday. "This is a powerful man; this is a wealthy
man, and he's got the ability to really scrutinize you in the public eye. This
will go nowhere and ruin your life, and that's what she was afraid of at first."
And apparently this is not the only one.

Two other women filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity
Commission in the fall of 2003 claiming "repeated sexual harassment" and
"unwanted sexual advances" by Smith, according to the lawsuit.

The whole Kennedy lineage is all fucked up, descendants of a bootlegger and the pride of Massachusetts, (The same state that roots for the Red Sox year after year). If its not dead chicks in the river its some poor woman being groped by one of the brood, the Kennedy’s think everyday is Spring Break.

They are a disgrace to the Democratic Party, to bootleggers and to themselves.

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