Tuesday, September 07, 2004


NYU is probably the only major university in America that is requiring childproof window guards in their dorm rooms.

Joann Leavy, 23, is the sixth student at New York University to take a fatal leap in the past year.
I could say something mean like, “one less pretentious asshole wanna be film maker” but I won’t.
Leavy, a second-year film student, ran out barefooted, then peeled off her clothes while racing up to the roof of the Tisch School of the Arts roof, law-enforcement sources said. Once there, she stripped off her panties and leaped, landing on Mercer Street just a half-block from her family's apartment on Waverly Place, sources said.

Ok, now 6 not 4, not 3, not even 5... 6 people have jumped off the roof at NYU, has it crossed anyone’s mind to LOCK THE FUCKING DOOR to the roof?
Now you say to yourself, how horrible is this school that would make people leap to their deaths, just take the nestle’ plunge and disrupt traffic and make an icky mess on the sidewalk below.

The middle child of three, Leavy had a history of mental problems.
Ahh… What the fuck is NYU admission policy? You would think somewhere on their application they would ask you.
- Do you see dead people
- Do you have an imaginary friend
- Ever had the urge to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
- Is the R. Kelly Song, “I believe I can Fly” your anthem?
- Are you a fucking not job, who is going to take a header cause
a- Your boyfriend broke up with you.
b- You got a “B” in Macro Economics.

I blame, not the kids that are free falling… (and yes, I am singing the Tom Petty Song while I type this).

I blame the shitty admission policies at NYU that cannot weed out the mentally unstable, because if this chick went to Bronx Community her suicide would have been all nice an quiet, maybe in her bathroom, in a hot tub like Frankie Pentangello from the Godfather and not all over 4th street in the Village.

Ozzy said, "Suicide is not the solution" no wait... he said, "Suicide WAS the solution, yeah... I love Ozzy.... SHARON!!!!!!!

Read more from the NY Post, where they don't make fun of her enough.


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