Monday, September 13, 2004

Assault Weapons Ban Lifted.

I would guess a lot of you must think that since I am from New York City, I must have some warped fuzzy spot for gun legislation. Well I don’t, I do not have a problem with a law-abiding citizen holstering his 9mm. to protect his family; his property; his business from those that are less than law abiding.

I would eventually like to leave NY and move to a state that is more gun friendly, I would love to own a Glock with a lazer sight, you know in case the hubby gets out of line.

Red dot pointed at the skull always equals good behavior.

I saw Resident Evil this weekend, I wonder if I can use the, "I thought he was a Zombie" defense.

But bear with me; I am missing the concept of having an AK-47. You can’t hunt with it, (you could, if you like your deer splattered) you can’t conceal it, In Virginia you can walk into most banks strapped, but I would think that if you walk in with an AK-47 your motives might be put to question.

It's only really good for keeping in your gun collection cabinet or shooting up your homies to protect your turf.

If some of my gun lover’s can give me some insight that would be greatly appreciated. (Yes, I am talking to everyone from Texas!)

Update: My good friend BklynGirl answers my question with this email.


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