Thursday, September 02, 2004

Chris Mathews - Sir May I have another...

Well we know of at least 4 people that watch MSNBC, Michelle Malkin, Myself, Chris Mathews and now Zell Miller.

After ripping everyone from Carter to Kerry a new one Zell Miller met with Chris Mathews via remote, and this good old Southern Democrat put Mathews in his place.

In typical Mathews’ style he attempted to browbeat and interrupt Zell Miller throughout the interview. Mathews felt very comfortable attacking and interrupting Miller as he was not interviewing Zell Miller face-to-face, but by remote.
Chris Mathews is a cross between Morton Downey Jr. and that kid in the lunchroom who you always wanted to punch in the face.
He picked the wrong Marine to try to browbeat. But Mathews still felt cocky right up until Zell told him, “Get out of my face.” And then Zell zinged Mathews “I wish we lived in a day where you could challenge a person to a duel.”
"Don’t pull that stuff on me like you did that young lady when you had her there browbeating her to death"
A reference to Michelle Malkin, whom he had on the show and he acted like a total asshole.
Mathews softened his tone, He then addressed Mr. Miller in the fashion this man deserved replying, “Yes, sir.”

Like Dick Cheney said in his speech, "I am glad Zell is on our side."

Thanks to Michelle Malkin and The Washington Dispatch.


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