Friday, September 03, 2004

Clinton to Have Heart Bypass Surgery

The dude did love his Big Mac's, and chubby interns.

Bill Clinton, 58, was being admitted to New York Presbyterian Hospital, a statement said. He had seen a doctor first on Thursday, and additional tests Friday revealed the need for the surgery, Clinton was admitted after encountering a blockage in his arteries.
He was our President, and is in my thoughts.

Update: Fox News is reporting live at 4:10 pm. from Columbia Presbyterian. (if you want any procedure done, you go to Columbia Presbyterian) is saying that the former President did infact have a heart attack, was rushed to the hospital by aids when he complained of not being able to breath.

Update: 5:00 from Fox News, Clinton is scheduled for surgery on Saturday, sites that he DID NOT have a heart attack like earlier indicated. Clinton talked to family on the phone and did sound upbeat.

GET WELL William Clinton !!

Read more at Fawx news.


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