Thursday, September 16, 2004

Hurricane Ivan

The Weather Channel has a poor camera man and reporter in Mobile, Alabama tonight.

Shit is flying all over, I am just waiting for one of them to get hit with a flying stop sign.

Update: getting hit with 60mph winds, gurgling on the water during his report, watching some transformer that blew. No flying stop signs yet.

Update: He is transfixed with the shingles of the roof across the street from him that are blowing off, It's like watching a baby distracted with a set of keys, "ohhh!! shiny things."

Update: He has moved on from the shingles, to the motel sign, the motel he is staying at no less, which is bending and really close to come crashing down.

Still waiting for the stop signs.

Update: I am wondering who he pissed off at The Weather Channel to get the shitty assignment of standing outside during a hurricane, maybe he is the one that keeps getting the in studio weather ladies pregnant.

Yes, I watch the Weather Channel way to much, that and the Travel Channel.

Update: Reporter is now standing next to a tree that has come crashing down on 2 cars, he is now carrying this little wind measuring do hickey and it's his new "shiny thing" , but he does explain the whole, "rain makes satelites work like shit" deal.

Update: We have flying street sign, It looks like Telephone Lane and the Cross street begins with a "Per" our reporter is now spooked and heading for the van.

Update: It's 3:am and they are in the eye of the storm, yes I have been watching The weather channel since 12. The reporter is now on the phone probally refusing to go outside anymore.

Going to bed.


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