Monday, September 20, 2004

I believe I can fly...

I love when shit like this happens:

A suspected drug dealer plummeted to his death from a five-story building yesterday after leading cops on a frantic chase across rooftops in The Bronx, police said.

Jack Walker, 27, held a 40-foot lead on the detectives as he leaped from roof to roof, police and witnesses said. But he misjudged the six-foot gap between 1386 and 1390 Ogden Ave., landed face first in the courtyard around, and died instantly, police said
Now for some, on the street commentary:
One neighbor said the gap between the two buildings was "jump-able,"
As another neighbor comments:
Friends and relatives angrily disputed the police account of the incident, some alleging cops pushed Walker over the edge.
Look I know New York City cops, they are to fucking lazy to pick someone up and fling him off the side of a roof, because all that realy is, is more paperwork and cops hate paperwork.


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