Monday, September 06, 2004

I Don't want to say, "I told you so"... yeah I do...

With little more than eight weeks remaining to Election Day, a Newsweek survey gave the president a lead of 52-41 over Kerry, with independent Ralph Nader at 3 percent. A Time Magazine poll released a day earlier also made it an 11-point race.

The people protesting the GOP convention also helped Bush. With more than 1,000 arrests, some cops badly injured and innocent people harassed, the protesters are looked upon as fanatical and irrational by many Americans. And some of them are. A survey by one newspaper found protesters favored a socialistic government more than any other. That kind of attitude is not a help to John Kerry.
Middle America doesn't like freaks, especially radical one's holding "No blood for oill" signs.
The problem with the anti-Bush zealots is that they want to believe he is a bad man and will reject all rational discussion that goes against their thesis. That kind of fanaticism frightens mainstream Americans and creates sympathy for Bush. Irrational displays will never win an election. Ask Howard Dean.
Read more here, from the Daily News? Go Figure.


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