Monday, September 13, 2004

I'm Not Biased.. You're Biased...

CNN commentators James Carville and Paul Begala have signed on with the
Kerry campaign as unpaid advisers. Traditionally, that would mean they would
have to take a leave of absence from CNN or any news organization that employed
them because journalistic ethics dictate that news organizations remain totally
separate from political campaigns. But since we live in strange times, CNN says
it will keep the guys on the air. Fox News slanted? Take a look at CNN

In the wake of the vicious attacks on Fox News for allegedly being "GOP TV," I expected the media to brutally dismember CNN and the new boys on John Kerry's bus. Instead, it's been the silence of the lambs from the press. Can you say media bias?

A central thesis of the mainstream media is that Fox News caters to conservative Republicans. That thesis has been played out in newspaper articles, books and even in movies. Those right-wing bully boys from Fox, they're just awful, aren't they? How many times have we heard that?

But when it comes to CNN, well, that's another story. That network apparently feels comfortable allowing daily commentary from two Kerry strategists. Shouldn't CNN now be compelled to give equal time to the Bush campaign? How about a new program called "What's Up, George," starring Mary Matalin?

The CNN decision should come as no surprise since CNN's founder and still involved mogul Ted Turner despises President Bush. Last July, Turner opined on "The Charlie Rose Show" that "history will look back on this debacle in Iraq as one of the greatest mistakes any major country has ever made."

Well, the halcyon days at CNN have now come to an end. The network's ratings have collapsed, and so have its ethical standards

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