Thursday, September 09, 2004

It Took Me 3 Hrs To Get To Work Yesterday.

That's what I would have been saying if I gave a shit, and actually went to work.

Hey, thanks a million, Frances. You flooded our subways, turned our roads into rivers, soaked countless pricey shoes and cheap sneakers - and made the morning commute even more hellish than usual.
New Yorker's are such pussies, I mean Florida was hit with 2 hurricanes and we bitch about a little rain.
The massive soaking disrupted service on 20 subway lines, shutting the entire V and W lines, knocking out the Seventh Ave. line from the upper West Side to Times Square and shutting the M from Bay Parkway to Chambers St.
This is rain people, fucking rain. New Yorker's suck, they would stand in the rain protesting George W. but start bitching and moaning when it disrupts their routine
"Looks like I'm walking," said public relations executive Elizabeth Mason, 31, as she set off on a trek from the upper West Side to Manhattan's Flatiron District yesterday morning. "I think I'll go home and change my shoes first."
For the non New Yorker's this is about a 20 block walk.
Read more of "wahh... it's raining" from the NY Daily News.


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