Friday, September 10, 2004

Just another stupid law.

September 10, 2004 -- Public schools are going to have to compile figures on bullying and harassment under a law that the City Council passed yesterday
Wait, they even gave it a cute name.
Dignity in All Schools act
The new law includes protection from retaliation for those who accuse other students and staff of harassment.

So what does that mean exactly? We start putting kids into protective custody?

Bullying is just part of growing up, its Darwin at it's finest, you either learn how to fight back or get squashed. Unless you have 6 friends and access to your daddy's shotguns, then you take the school out.

When I was growing up protection from a bully usually involved a lunch tray and the side of someone's head.

Oh incase your wondering, in a 43-3 vote, The only dissenters were the three Republicans.

Read this from the NY Post.
Or as we call them, the only 3 with common sense.


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