Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Kerry - "I had one of those inarticulate moments."

His whole fucking campagin is an "inarticulate moment"

WASHINGTON (AP) -- On the eve of a foreign policy debate with President Bush, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said in an interview that his explanation of why he voted in favor of additional funding for the war in Iraq before voting against it was "one of those inarticulate moments" in the campaign
So I guess what he is trying to say is that, he is an Idiot, that makes no sense and can not take a firm stance on an important issue like national security.
Kerry ultimately voted against providing $87 billion for military operations and aid in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although he initially supported the appropriation when it was to be funded at least in part by rolling back tax cuts for those with the highest incomes, Kerry said he ended up voting against the final version of the bill in the Senate as a protest over its funding, which included no-bid contracts.
Ohh.. Big bad Halburton rears it's ugly head again, because you know employees risking their lives to transform Iraq is a partisan issue and Kerry didn't get his 'cut'.
Kerry rejected Bush's assertion that he would prefer that Saddam Hussein still be in power in Iraq
Yea, cause we would have to send that invisible army there to fight Saddam and oust him from power because even though in the words of John Kerry himself,"If Saddam Hussein is unwilling to bend to the international community's already existing order, then he will have invited enforcement, even if that enforcement is mostly at the hands of the United States, a right we retain even if the Security Council fails to act."

The more Kerry talks, the easier it is to re-elect our President.

Read more from the New York Post.


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