Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Kerry IS Michael Dukakis.

What the hell is it with being from Massachusetts and being a fuck up, the list is long and illustrious and now we can add John Kerry to that distinguished group of failed politicians from the state that gave us, “1918… 1918…”

John Kerry is one alcoholic wife away from blowing this election, but what can we expect from the Willie Horton capital of the world, none other than second place.

To give the man and his ambulance chasing side kick a little credit, it is not entirely his fault, the timing of certain events hampered Michael, sorry I mean John’s message to be fully received by the masses.

John Kerry comes out blasting, just hours after a blistering, rousing, uplifting speech by our President. Kerry fights back on his war record, on the swift boat vets and on his own heroism in Vietnam but well, there was this little Hurricane to deal with, and if his rants made it to page 5 he was lucky.

Hey, but all is not lost, John fires again, this time on the economy, which confuses me somewhat because under Clinton the country’s unemployment rate hovered around 5.8 percent, under G.W. it’s a solid 5.4 percent. Now I’m no Good Will Hunting, but I am almost sure 5.4 is lower than 5.8, am I correct?

Never the less, Kerry is all pissed, I don’t know if it was the servicemen in Tennessee that turned their backs on him during his last campaign stop; maybe Teresa is being a bitch again and getting on his last nerves? Who knows, but the dude is acting like a chick on the first day of her period and while he might have made some valid points, one little thing stopped people from listening, well… Clinton had a heart attach. Kerry would be lucky if his rabblerousing makes it near the classified ads in the dailies.

Bad timing, bad luck, a campaign with no focal point, no direction, no guts, no plan for our future; more waffles than The Waffle Hut, and loony protesters all make up the mess that is Kerry’s campaign.

Which in the end, makes it good for us, dare I say good for America!


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