Wednesday, September 01, 2004

My big Thank You page.

Thank you; to the fringe element that calls themselves democrats, groups like United for Peace and Justice and ANSWER. Watching Fox News, CNN, and the local networks shovel your brood en-mass with flexi-cuffs, screaming might be good theater for you, but that shit plays great in middle America, where you’re viewed for what you really are, just a bunch of nuts, with no cause, no reason, no purpose. It is possible you have turned the 10 percent of the population that is undecided against you, your cause and your party.

Thank you; to the Swiftboat Vets, whom with the help of bloggers exposed Kerry for what he is, a pacifist who would turn on his country at the drop of a hat or a phone call from France, this story was not picked up by the “mainstream” media but by a handful of credited bloggers, and it wouldn’t go away. Vets love symbolism, and listening to you ‘renounce’ your medals back in 1972 is music to my ears.

Thank you; to Rudy Giuliani, and Governor Pataki, even though NY is not in play you brought the Convention here to the biggest stage in the world; you handed the Republican’s the ball and they are cutting through the secondary heading for the end-zone. Let’s just not let them do the Icky-shuffle, I have been watching the Republicans dance during the breaks and it’s not pretty.

Thank you; to the Govenator Arnold, personally I was not impressed by your speech, but a lot of people were, the word on the street is that California is now in play; Cali turning into a red state would make any Democrat reach for the rubbing alcohol and start slurping away… Right Kitty Dukakis.

Thank you; to Ron Silver, I am sorry you destroyed your career, but “Skin” sucked anyways. Your speech made me jump, hoot and holler, I wanted to break stuff, join a mosh pit and bang my head to Mudvayne after listening to you.

Thank you; to Laura Bush, who gave a personable face to the man we call The President.
She has an approval rating in the high 80’s while her ketchup riches counterpart is pretty much despised by most of the universe.

Thank you; to Senator John McCain, it ached me watching your speech, watching your lack of mobility, knowing you were a prisoner of war, abused by the enemy. Your words; powerful, your presence inspiring.

And finally… Thank you to ALL of you; for reading this everyday, for your wonderful feedback; for your engaging conversations, you make this fun and if I could give each and everyone of you a hug I would.


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