Thursday, September 16, 2004

National Hockey League Locks Out Players

If no one plays a sport no one watches, does anyone notice?

Update: Things to do in Canada when there is no Hockey to watch

- Tell the French Canadians that they are neither French nor Canadian then proceed to beat them with sticks.

- Learn inches and feet.

- Realize that Canadian football is half retarded.

- Invade Alaska with your mighty Canadian Army

- Come to the realization that "mighty Canadian Army" is an oxymoron.

- Watch SCTV and try to explain to everyone why they thought Eugene Levy was funny

- Listen to Brian Adams CD's over and over again.

- Learn how to say "about" without sounding like a jerkoff.

- Riot, (Canadians love them a good riot)

- Try to convince Americans that Paul Martin isn't half a fag.

- Run PSA's on American television: No, Canadians do not look like this


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