Friday, September 03, 2004

Now this is a convention bounce.

When the Democrats took the floor in Boston for their convention, they were expecting a few point bounce at the end, they received maybe a 3 percent nudge, which evaporated shortly thereafter.

So going into the Republican convention it was a statistical dead heat, 49/50 - 48/47, it gave me great glee to read this from the Times.

52% would vote for President George Bush, while 41% would vote for John Kerry and 3% would vote for Ralph Nader
Double Digits baby.

Read my Thank You's here.

Read the Times article here.

Yes, it could be just a convention bounce... but god damn it's a big one.

Update: CNN talkie asking Pennsylvania Governor Edward Dell if Kerry is the Bob Dole for the Democrats, while they wait for 2008 to bring in Hillary.

Holy shit, did it just sound like CNN conceded the race?


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