Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Pathetic lesbians

Little Yovani Matos' corpse was a road map of pain. His liver had been torn. His intestines, damaged. His left leg was deformed, a bone sliced in half by a powerful blow, authorities said. When he was found Sunday in a Harlem apartment, the little boy, not yet 2, had 60 bruises all over his tiny body.
Beating a 2 year old is sick and depraved, but the rest is just sad.
The boy's 20-year-old mother and her lesbian lover were charged yesterday with Yovani's murder - and initially told cops they beat the toddler to break a demonic "spell."
I bet you thought being a lesbian was all pussy eating, strapon's and protest marches, you were so wrong.
They confessed to often unleashing their rage on the helpless child - punching, slapping and lashing him with a belt, sources said. Much of the abuse came as the boy struggled with his potty training, sources said.
Rage, what rage I keep hearing that being a lesbian is to be free of rage and it's all sunflowers, Yanni CD's and a good bottle of Merlot. So these two man hating dykes beat this poor child because he was... Being a fucking 2 year old...
After a night of questioning, tears and confession, Matos and Molina stepped out of the 26th Precinct stationhouse yesterday in handcuffs, headed to court to face murder and reckless endangerment charges.

I would hate to think that somewhere in their house is a "My bush is smarter than your bush" bumper sticker.

Read, When lesbians attack, in the NY Daily News.


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