Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Republican Convention DAY 3

PRESS 'REFRESH' during the convention for live updates.

Holy shit... It’s starting early today, damn.

I am switching between ESPN news and CSPAN, because ABC news just announced that the DA of Colorado is dropping the charges against Kobe Bryant, more on that later once the press conference begins.

First speaker - Brian Sandoval, Nevada Attorney General, The tough on crime guy.

I wish they could have gotten the Mayor of Las Vegas to speak, he has that whole, "We don't have a homeless problem, Reno does." just as the bus full of homeless people are leaving Las Vegas and are shipped to Reno.

Next speaker - Senator Rick Santorum, from Pennsylvania, Talking about the landmark welfare reform bill.

This is the backbone of the Republicans, cutting welfare and reducing poverty. It's amazing here in New York the ACLU got their panties in a bunch over welfare reform and it's putting people to work.

He starts talking about Marriage, and how Kerry tried to block the welfare reform bills. Wants the American people to define marriage, and not left wing judges... He could have just said the 9th district court of appeals… Its ok... We all know…

The Kobe press conference is scheduled for 7:45.

They are doing the roll call of states so let me find ESPN news.

Bono is on Bill O'Reilly, does anyone give a shit what he has to say?

Back to the convention, the house band, "The Terrible’s" is doing a KC and the Sunshine band melody, I don't hear, "Play that funky music white boy" though.

Video of President in Elmhurst, NY meeting with the firefighters, I am assuming he is giving a speech, but for now there is no audio, just waving.

Where the hell is the Kobe press conference?

Next Speaker – Elaine Chao, she ruv you very long time and Halloween scares her.

On Fawx news Monica Crowley and Georgette Mosbacher speaking to Bill O'Reilly on how New York magazine bamboozled them with unflattering pictures and comments regarding Republicans and the lack of Republican outlets to spread the word.

Next up, Patricia Stout, small business owner from San Antonio... She is bitching about how 9/11 almost ruined her, the government bailed her out now she is all about the bling bling.

And now, Paul Ryan, Wisconsin representative, he wants us to know that John Kerry plans on expanding the current government by 2 billion dollars means higher taxes for you… No Duh!

Lights dim... Ladies and Gentlemen... Put your hands together for the Christian Rock sounds of "Third Day"... Did you know their first album went double mur?

Michael Regan, the good son... talks lovingly about his father.

Mitt Romney, Massachusetts Governor, We will move forward under Bush, he rocks.

Musical Guest Sara Evans, the Texas delegates must be loving all this country music.
She is so much better than the cover bands.


I am watching the feed from

We left it with the vocal stylings of Sara Evans, and now we have ,"The Terrible's" with more hits from CBS-FM your golden oldies station.

Now Senator Zell Miller, this dude has balls, he turned on his own party and the crowd is going nuts to say the least.

He starts out by telling us of his great grandchildren, he thinks of their future and the next 4 years will determin what kind of world they will grow up in.

Which leader has the vision, the will power and the backbone to protect his and our families.
There is only one man he trusts with the future of his children, George W. Bush.
We have some World War II talk, and how the parties united for peace.

He want's to know where are the statesman of yesteryear, where is the bi-partisimship when we need it most.

Our nation is being made weaker because of the Democrats manic obsession with taking down our commander in chief. (A-fucken-men brother)

What has happened to the party he has spent his life working in.
It was Democrats that believed it was the duty of America to fight for freedom over tyrany.

Motivated by politics, today's Democratic leaders see our troops as occupiers , it makes him mad that they have the balls to not call us liberators

Tell that to the people that are free from Poland to Siberia that we are occupiers.

Its the soldier that has given us freedom of speech, freedom of press and the freedom to protest. (fuck yeah)

He rags on Carter, Kerry, Kennedy... he fucking rocks... I love him.

The world cannot afford an indecisive America

In this hour of danger has had the courage to stand up, and he is proud to stand up with him.

God Bless This Country, And God Bless G.W. Bush.

Holy fucking shit people, I am still stunned, Inspired, awed, that was some awesome shit.

Here is the text from Zell Millers speech.

Dick Cheney up next, that is one tough act to follow, unless he has Osama's dick in his hand this is a crowd that will take a while to win over.

He starts out with an Edwards is a pretty boy joke, it was cute, but the crowd is still all about Zell.

Cheney comments that he is glad that Zell is on our side.

4 more years chants break out throughout his speech.

I am not buying his whole, "we shut down the black market weapons" thing.

But I dig the "we have already been attacked line" when Kerry says he will defend this country if we are ever attacked.

Cheney's speech was solid, a good closer for the evening, but Zell stole the show.

Brooks and Dunn close the show with, "Only In America" and a little Hendrix, "Star Spangled Banner" riff.

Day 3 in the books... It was a good one.


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