Friday, September 03, 2004

Republician Convention DAY 4

Republistock? RepublipaLooza? RepubliFest?

The last 4 days have been like a festival for the Republicans, and a funeral for the Democrats.

Every good concert I have ever been to needs good opening acts and we start with Ron Silver, who gave us an impassionate speech on the New America and how we can not back down. I’m sorry this probably means his career is going to go to shit but maybe there could be a recurring role on the Soprano’s for him.

That was followed by a rousing speech by Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York and again, dig… dig… dig… while Silver picked out the coffin Giuliani was searching for a good funeral home where the democrats can hold their wake.

If that wasn’t enough for you Arnold Schwarzenegger takes the stage, true lies, big guns, the whole state of California, could it be red? It’s kind of purple right now, read the liberal papers, The Times, The Washington Post. It’s fear setting in, scramble… scramble discredit, misinformation; don’t show the loony protesters it puts the Democrats in a bad light. The funeral arrangements have been set, the body sent to the morgue to be embalmed.

Wait you want more? How about Zell Miller, a Democrat from Georgia, an old school Democrat. Fire, brimstone, fury, has been brought down on his very own party, for a moment he is ashamed to be a Democrat, embarrassed, he is angry and rightfully so. The speech is one for the ages; I have never seen so many people quote a speech almost verbatim in their blogs, in the print media and on television. The 10 percent of the country that is still undecided might not be anymore.

Again the liberal media attacks, he is angry, he is mean, what about the children? God dammit, the liberal media screams stop with the fucking protests, you’re not helping us, wait, lets talk about the conditions in prison and how the protesters are being mistreated… Yeah, that’s it. Protestors mistreated, Zell angry… that’s our story… run with it.

Ahh… but wait, he is one of your own, but someone with convictions and morals someone who is fearful of our future under the Democratic party's rule, someone who switched party lines so he can be heard. So he can make a difference. And as for the protesters, they soon found out that prison is well, prison. They were expecting lattés and gingerbread cookies, but they got a hard cold floor, baloney sandwiches and oh my god tap water. The body has been laid to rest, complements of Zell Miller.

Are you as pumped up and psyched as I am, the voices have been loud, the voices have been powerful and although the liberal media wouldn’t have you believe this, they are being heard and we haven’t even brought out the heavy hitters yet. And do you know how I know they are being heard and people are listening? 6 million people watched the convention on Fawx, that is more than the big networks ABC and CBS COMBINED.

Our Vice President Dick Cheney, a workhorse, very methodical, very certain, very secure in the policies of the Republican Party, he has given us a map, a road map to the future one that is filled with substance with courage and with determination. He does not have a lot of flash, but he doesn’t need to. Dick Cheney is like the quiet uncle, he doesn’t talk much but when he does you better fucking listen and listen good.

The people at the funeral are bowing there heads muttering, “Hey, you know Kerry, he was in ‘Nam.”

The NY Times is pissing; what to do… what to do… Hey, can we get Jayson Blair back to make up some shit? Do a story about Kerry in Nam’ no wait fuck that… Cambodia, crap… Um…um… I’m thinking, lets show the protesters, people love protesters, wait what? They don’t? Fuck… fuck… fuck… Do a Zell is evil story, what? They love him? How the fuck, you know what… don’t we have a hurricane… make that our front page.

Before the President begins his speech we have the Governor of New York, possibly setting himself up to be in play in 2008. The Governor suggested, “Bin Laden declared war on America, and then came the attacks – The first World Trade Center, the embassies in Africa, the USS Cole.” Fuck yeah you tell them Governor. “How I wished the administration at that time, in those years, had done something… But they didn’t do it” Pataki says.

He concludes with, “After September 11th, the terrorists didn’t bank on George W. Bush. The GOP will win one for the Gipper, and the Democrats will lose one with the Flipper.”
Casket closed.

How can you tell this is a rock concert? It’s it the round.

On the final day of the convention our President comes on stage, but its just not any stage, it’s in the middle of the Garden floor, surrounded by delegates. The President in the round, live from New York.

Our President defended is policies as, “steady, consistent, principled leadership” and warned that John Kerry represents failed, “Policies of the past.”

But it just not all Terror, he outlined a reformed social agenda, to overhaul the tax code, health care programs, and pension plans. Kerry is running on a platform of more that $2 trillion dollars in government spending, and to pay for that spending he will have to raise your taxes, and that’s the kind of promise Kerry vows to keep.

Our President concludes with this rallying cry, “The Freedom of many, and the future security of our nation, now depends on us… I ask you to stand with me.”

And that ladies and gentlemen… Is the final nail in the “Kerry for President” campaign.

The Republican convention is over; the Republican’s did their job, now you do yours.
Spread the word of the Republican Party, tell the liberal media we will not stand for their one handed, obvious bias, do this by voting November 2nd. To re-elect George W. Bush.


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