Friday, September 03, 2004

Russian Hostage Crisis Over..

I have to tell you, I am almost in tears while reading this.

Security officials were still searching for one remaining terrorist, possibly the leader of the operation, in the school. Officials said they believed an unknown number of hostages, some of them children, were still trapped in the building, but most were severely injured or even dead.
Chidren, fucking children... where is the "Oh, the Koran is about love" shit, where is the outpouring of emotions from the same fuckers who were protesting the war in Iraq.
Russian officials said 60 bodies had been identified so far. At least 100 bodies were found Friday in the sweltering school gymnasium, where many of the hostages were being held, but a Russian presidential aide said the death toll could climb above 150. A correspondent for the Interfax news agency reported that some were killed when the building's roof collapsed from an explosion before the main assault began
And incase you just thought this was some civil war shit between the ruskies.
Officials also told FOX News that 10 of the 20 terrorists killed by Russian soldiers were "Arab mercenaries."
Arab's that would kill children for their cause, for the spread of their warped version of their religion.

That baby is the enemy of Islam? That baby did what to hurt the oppressed Arabs?

Mother fuckers, I hope to god the Russians still have some balls, line you up put a gun in your mouths, and make you pull the trigger. Then you can see your fucking Allah.

Chechen terrorists your fucked, you don't even know how fucked you are.
I can't write anymore...


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