Monday, September 27, 2004

Springsteen loves Maureen Dowd's hairy ass.

He hasn't written a decent song since 1986. He found out a long time ago that it's hard to sing about the downtrodden working man from his mansion in Rumson, New Jersey, but he still want's to play that, "lookie at me, I'm wearing faded blue jeans" act that has gotten old so long ago.

In a wide ranging interview in the just-published Oct. 14 issue of Rolling Stone, Springsteen says, "The press has let the country down. It's taken a very amoral stand, in that essential issues are often portrayed as simply one side says this and the other side says that....The job of the press is to tell the truth without fear or favor. We have to get back to that standard."

Most of his criticism, however, is aimed at TV coverage, and he reveals that as "a dedicated" New York Times reader he has gained "enormous sustenance" from columnists Maureen Dowd and Paul Krugman.
You know, the amoral news coverage that tried to pass forged documents off as a breaking news story. The same amoral news orginazations that call terrorists, "insurgents" and Palestine splodedopes, "rebels".
He also knocks the media for allowing the White House to get away with the "disgraceful" policy of refusing "to allow photographs of the flag-draped coffins of the returning dead."
Because you know if his big nosed fucked up backup singer of a wife ever dropped dead, he would love to have her coffin plastered all over the evening news, but I can guarantee you if it can be exploited he would write a shitty song about it.

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