Sunday, October 24, 2004

Apple picking and the State of Seattle.

Do you know the state with receives the greatest amount of rainfall per year?
And the answer is not "Seattle"

Took the family apple picking this sunday, I don't know about the rest of the country, but growing up in New York apple picking is a very "fall season" thing to do.

So we packed up the family, and headed upstate to grab us some apples. And we did, I learned that the best apples are all the way on the top of the hill and if you shake a tree full of apples some will plunk you on the head. Newton be damned.

We ate apple pie, drank pepsi (I don't like cider) and filled a giant bag with apples, its like playing migrant farm worker for a day.

Leaving the farm, our car was searched like it was entering the U.N. nope no stray apples here, we are going to have apples coming out of our collective asses for the next few days, everyone who rings the doorbell, the paperboy, the laundry delivery guy, the pizza guy, the chinese food guy, they are all going to get an apple.

As for the rainfall question, they were holding a trivia contest for prizes and I blurted out "Seattle" now realizing Seattle is not a state, I am just going to slink away and eat an apple.


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