Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Go Sawx

Congratulations to Boston for finally beating the Yankees and their stupid fans.
I know that the Sox will not win the World Series, but its nice to dream

- Thoughts about the 7 games.

Best chant - "Who's your Lifeguard"

Worst fan behavior - Yankee fans for pelting the field with baseballs during game 6, Alex Rodriguez was clearly out, but your blind faith led you to be assholes and make a game that was almost 4 hours long just that much longer.

Best .058 hitter - Johnny Damond this guy couldn't buy a hit, then in game 7 he blasts a grand slam and a solo shot.

Worst announcer - All of them, mostly Joe Buck.

Best Commercial - MasterCard - "For fans with hope - priceless"

Worst Commercial - Budweiser - "Slam a Lama Ding dong" - eat me.

Most shocking appearance - Mariano Rivera, for blowing 2 saves.

Worst programming since the Heidi Bowl- FOX for even thinking that the Cardinals / Houston game will be shown right after the Yankee game, The Cards game was in the bottom of the 7th inning by the time the Yankee game was over.

Best sign seen on TV - Opie and Anthony "WOW" sign during game 6 at Yankee Stadium

Worst sign seen on TV - Anything having to do with "The Curse"

Worst fan giveaway - Who is the half a retard who thought giving Yankee fans baseballs was a good idea? why not bats or razorblades nextime.

Greatest letdown - Knowing the Sox will find someway to fuck up the World Series.


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