Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Prez debate part three

They have to stop scheduling these things during the baseball playoffs.

So I have been flipping between the Boston game and the debate.

I know I am backing the wrong horse with the Bosox but I hate the Yankees, hate their fans, hate their stupid claustrophobic stadium and I hate John Kerry’s fucking tan, what’s up with that?

Bush is fucking Kerry up on health care, Kerry wants that whole socialist thingie and the funny part was his comments. “It’s not a government program” you know except where the part of it where the government is in control of the health care.

Bush is fucking up Kerry on Social Security, and have you noticed that old people bitch about everything? I hate old people more than I hate the Yankees. Atlantic City is filled with old people, they get in the way, smell like mothballs and just are a nuisance.

I am not down with Bush’s illegal immigrant card he is pushing, I think its just cow towing to the Hispanic vote and well as a Hispanic I am insulted.


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