Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Day After.

I would not breath easy till Hurman Munster stepped up to the podium and conceded.

For the good of the country he did, a defeated, deflated, dejected man who has nothing left but his ugly wife and 20,000 Kerry / Edwards bumperstickers.

To my friends on the left, all I have to say is, "You tried" yeah, you gave it your best shot you pulled no punches. From a propaganda lie filled movie, to a 527 that was backed by George Soros who has more money than god himself. Dan and his fake documents, talk of an impending draft, jobs, farmers, homeless mothers, earthfreaks. You all took your best shot at our President and it all came down to one simple issue. One issue that we on the right WARNED you that it would be your deathknell. Moral Values, as much as you like to parade around Berkley with your units hanging out and protesting the war in Iraq with jerkoffs on stilts the average working man with a mortgage 2 cars and 3 kids looked at you with a total distain. How Dare You Defame America during this time of war?

The people from ANSWER, and United Peace and Justice, we on the right warned you, that shit doesn't play good in the bible belt.

Theater of the absurd doesn't turn red to blue from Montana to Texas, you were told, but you decided that was the stand you wanted to take. It's no longer the 60's anymore, the hippies are gone, the pot has been smoked the Dead records all put away.

Your platform was, "Anyone but Bush" you had no focus other than to sling mud, and to blame the people that don't belive in your lifestyle for a Kerry loss.

The people on the left, fuck you all, the whole lot of you stinky, protesting, jagoffs.


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