Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Rapper stabbed at awards show... Go figure...

You have hundreds of rappers and their entorage and not one medal detector in sight?
Or maybe he learned how to make a shank in the joint using a table leg and a centerpiece ornament.

Pandemonium broke out during the taping of Vibe magazine's award show last night, when a man was stabbed during the ceremony, sending stars fleeing from the mayhem in their limos.
Ever notice that the words "rap show" , "pandemonium" and "mayhem" generally tend to follow each other in a news story?
The violence broke out as rapper Dr. Dre rose to accept the Vibe Legend Award from presenters Quincy Jones and Snoop Dogg, An unidentified man sitting with Death Row Records chief Marion "Suge" Knight lunged toward Dr. Dre with a knife — but members of rapper 50 Cent's entourage intervened
And Eminem had nothing to do with it.


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