Friday, November 12, 2004

Scott Peterson

Guilty - 1st degree murder. Lacy
Guilty - 2nd degree murder. the kid - we can call him floaty
Guilty - special circumstances, don't know what they are but ahh.. who cares.

You know all them - fuck the south websites, how about

Did he do it? Probally
Did the prosecution prove it - Not even close.

Rule number one - If you are going to dump a body at sea, don't say your fishing nearby.

Rule number two - If you're gonna cheat on your spouse, then later kill her make sure your mistress isn't a fucking nut job, find a nice russian whore who can't speak english.

Rule number three - California juries suck, they are made up of two types of people
1) people too stupid to get out of jury duty
2) people who think all the media attention would get them a spot on surreal life.

Sad part is watching all them California femenazis dancing around in their "A" cups., like they won the World Series of court judgements.

Listen to - Seven Mary Three "Water's Edge"


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