Thursday, November 18, 2004

Things overheard backstage at Kerry's Boston headquarters.

"We're the ones in red, right?"
"Shut up bitch"
"Tell Dan, fuck you very much"
"I can't lose, I was in Vietnam"
"Ohio? What the fuck is an Ohio?"
"Is all that red good?"
"It was them asses on stilts, wasn't it?"
"Even with all that voter fraud... I STILL LOST"
"But CNN said I was gonna win, they promised"
"I said shut up bitch"
"Tell the Daily Mirror... I'm not fucking gay"
"Did I tell people I was in Vietnam enough?"
"Tell Michael Moore I'm in the can taking a shit"
"Fuck that Ohio place, wherever the hell it is"
"Man, thats a hell of alot of red"
"Put the TV on CBS, I'm not losing the election on that channel"
"It doesn't matter, noone lives in Nevada anyway"
"Ohhh.. thanks Maine your 4 electorial votes really helped me alot"
"Can I get a recount in Ohio, he is only leading by a hundred thousand votes?"
"Where the fuck is Edwards, that prick knows about frivolous lawsuits"
"Holy Shit, thats a whole hell of a red"
"I can't lose I'm Gumby Dammit"

Listen to "loser" by Beck


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