Saturday, November 13, 2004

Woe is you..

"Woe unto those who call evil good, and good evil". (Ish.5: 20)

Those who know me know I am far from a bible thumper. I like to drink, gamble, smoke, and occasionally hubs and I download a porn movie..

So with that said, I came across this bible quote, which fit the left perfectly.

I have been reading how Arafat is a true statesman, and a pillar to Palestine causes from the left. They mourn for him more than they did the greatest modern day president Ronald Regan, and it's downright sad and a pity that the left has fallen into such a sullen quagmire that there is no light to be seen in the hole that they have dug for themselves.

But they press on, the little tykes, election fraud, 2008, Iraq; fuck the south, more sips from the bitter vinegar wine of defeat.

They are not American’s, in the true sense of the word, they wish for defeat in Iraq, just so they can give a collective, “I told you so”, “look at me, I am smarter than you, let me control the government because I know better.”

Not a will of the people but I know better so you wont get hurt, these are the same fucko’s that make sure that each toaster ever made has a warning label, “please don’t stick metal objects in the slots while toaster is on”

The left and the insane ramblings are a danger to them and to this nation as a whole, because they have the backing of the MSM who’s only real job is to distort the facts and cut them down to 5 second sound bites. You can not learn about anything in a 60 second CNN recap of events.

So to the left, you lost, move on, play with yourselves, seek therapy, what ever the hell would work for you to make you better people and shut the fuck up with your babblings.


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